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  • verb

Synonyms for specify

Synonyms for specify

to make known or identify, as by signs

to refer to by name

to make specific

Synonyms for specify

specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement

decide upon or fix definitely

determine the essential quality of

select something or someone for a specific purpose

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SLAs can also be written to specify quality requirements that deal specifically with the accuracy or effectiveness of configuration identification, configuration control, configuration accounting, and configuration audits.
Typically, compliance plans specify that the documentation should be maintained in a centralized location.
The process of choosing a SPECIFY made it a natural application to the web because of all the options which are available," said Solheim.
GD&T is a method to specify the dimensions and tolerances of a part so that it will meet its design intent, often to mate with other parts.
For example, the State of New York requires ventilation in new buildings to meet generally accepted standards but does not specify the standards.
The new OneDRAM will channel data between the processors through a single chip eliminating the need to also specify DRAM and SRAM chips for buffer memory.
Included in the definition of the measurand is a set of conditions that specify all the values of the influence quantities relevant to the measurand.
136 does not specify entries when the recipient organization is a trustee.
The guidelines specify that facilities should develop and implement policies and procedures that meet their own needs and situations and include the following elements I - VII:
The regulations specify that the income on the amounts previously taken into account is determined using interest rate and, where applicable, mortality assumptions that are reasonable as of the early inclusion date.
Most building departments clearly specify their minimum requirements for rubber systems.
6330 does not otherwise specify any details about the Tax Court's scope or standard of review.
THE NEW RULES SPECIFY THE DOCUMENTS AN organization must make available for public inspection and copy upon request, provide guidance on where those documents must be available, set conditions organizations may put on copy requests, describe the fees an organization can charge, offer alternative ways to make documents widely available and offer guidance on dealing with potential harassment.
The contract should specify clearly a nursing home's obligations to the MCO when subscribers require transfer to hospitals.