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  • verb

Synonyms for specify

Synonyms for specify

to make known or identify, as by signs

to refer to by name

to make specific

Synonyms for specify

specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement

decide upon or fix definitely

determine the essential quality of

select something or someone for a specific purpose

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Bankruptcy Code Section 523(a) specifies exceptions to discharge in bankruptcy.
SAML consists of four interdependent specifications as described below (Note that SAML specifies core assertions and protocols in a single document.
The information needed for a particular object is derived from a STEP AP224 file (10), which specifies the individual features of an object as well as the entire object.
Issued in June 1999, it establishes accounting standards for transactions in which a donor (the resource provider) makes a contribution by transferring assets to an NPO or charitable trust (the recipient organization), which accepts those assets and agrees to use them on behalf of an entity the donor specifies (the beneficiary) or to transfer the assets--plus any investment returns--to that entity.
22, 1987, specifies that personal interest includes interest paid on underpayments of individual Federal, state or local income tax and on debt incurred to pay such tax, regardless of the source of the income generating the tax liability.
The measurand specifies the value(s) of the relevant influence quantities and these must be specified sufficiently well that any ambiguity is negligible with regard to the required accuracy of the calibration (GUM 3.
The Guidance to Surveyors found in these regulations specifies daily dose levels of certain medications at which the facility should explain the specific clinical circumstance requiring a higher dose.
To avoid such a problem, the proposal includes a grandfather provision that specifies, "An entity following an accounting treatment in category (c) or (d) as of the effective date of this statement need not change to an accounting treatment in a category (b) or e) pronouncement whose effective date is before the effective date of this statement.
219(f)(2) specifies that IRA contributions are deductible without regard to any community property laws.
16, Business Combinations, paragraph 68, specifies that in a business combination accounted for by the purchase method, the purchase price should be allocated to identifiable assets.
511 specifies that an exempt organization will be taxed on its unrelated business taxable income, defined in Sec.