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  • verb

Synonyms for specify

Synonyms for specify

to make known or identify, as by signs

to refer to by name

to make specific

Synonyms for specify

specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement

decide upon or fix definitely

determine the essential quality of

select something or someone for a specific purpose

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Class 3 powders, sometimes referred to as 'Hyperdurables', offer specifiers even more choice in the performance of their coatings.
The increased popularity of green building design has given rise to a variety of approaches to guide architects, designers, materials specifiers and builders in how to build "green.
The Crestron website already offers a host of sales tools, including CSI specs, RevitA files and wiring diagrams to assist lighting specifiers in meeting code requirements and designing systems that are user-friendly and scalable.
What we need is new thinking in the industry, amongst architects, specifiers and local authorities - I believe that we can base a new industrial revolution in Wales with a new approach to our forestry," he said.
Frazer Butcher will work directly with international specifiers within the UAE and target key end-users in the oil and gas sector, and education management organisations and universities, said a statement.
The specifier function is mostly realized by determinatives (8) or genitive NPs, as in the woman's face, but not all genitives are specifiers; the genitives in, say, cow's milk and an old people's home are modifiers, not specifiers.
It displays Kohler's US and European kitchen and bath ranges, plus offers workspace for specifiers with phones, catalogues, internet connectivity and virtual design programmes.
Andrew Halstead-Smith, marketing manager at Ibstock, commented: “Architects and specifiers are always on the lookout for products that will give them that unique edge and make their projects stand out from the crowd.
Ernie Sciarillo, director at Rand Road Surfacing, who was recently profiled in LDP Business, said: "Environmental issues continue to be of pressing concern for all specifiers and decisions makers "Our customers can be assured that our responsibly sourced materials will support them in meeting their wider sustainability targets.
Neural crest specifiers (which include but are most likely not limited to Snail/Slug, AP-2, FoxD3, Twist, Id, cMyc, and Sox9/10 transcription factors) regulate a complex suite of developmental events leading to acquisition of neural crest fate (Dottori et al.
A new spec-writing tool is available to help roofing professionals and specifiers quickly write steep- and low-slope roofing specifications for job submittal packages.
It also provides opportunities for private face-to-face sales appointments with more than 30 international and UK engineers, specifiers and buyers who are actively looking to source new suppliers within the UK.
Corus have launched the Part L--SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) Advice Service as part of their ongoing commitment to added value services for the construction industry, available to specifiers through the Colorcoat Connection[R] helpline.
The "Eco Spirit" objective is to inform specifiers about the attributes of TOLI resilient flooring products that can contribute to achieving USGBC LEED credits for commercial interiors.