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someone who draws up specifications giving details (as for obtaining a patent)

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Lamp and luminaire manufacturers are from Venus and specifiers are from Mars--worlds apart and definitely in different orbits.
Conversely, and more importantly for this article, the specifier function is not always filled by determinatives; it can also be filled by embedded NPs, usually GENITIVE (5) (e.
Studies in other ascidian species show homologous border specifier expression patterns (Ma et al.
Acceptable definitions of the draft PhyloCode names include "node-based" or "stem-based" definitions, with at least two species and/or specimens (or maybe "taxa") as "specifiers" and no reference to any characters, or "apomorphy-based" definitions, with two specifiers of different types; namely, a taxon (species or specimen?
As a specifier, only is not subcategorised-for; it is not a potential complement.
Specifiers are often more concerned about the final appearance than how the door is constructed.
When the project is being privately funded, the specifier generally has the freedom to lock in on any product he selects (within the project's budgetary guidelines).
A specification for Qualicoat by a UK specifier will be fully understood and implemented in various countries around the globe, irrespective of the lack of local standards.
Polyester powder coat finishes offer the best value for the building owner, whilst giving good life expectancy when specifiers choose to source their finishing from a Qualicoat approved applicator.
The ads are tailored to the main specifiers and users of the building blocks, the architects and builders/contractors, who will be directly affected by the new regulations.
Most of powder coating undertaken in the UK and Ireland from Qualicoat members and independent powder coaters continues meet what is known under the Qualicoat Specification (12th edition) as 'class 1 These powders are high quality and offer excellent weathering and life expectancy, however, there are projects and situations where even higher durability coatings are required by the specifier.
Other magazine titles recently closed (with frequency and launch year) include: Architectural Specifier (12x, 1992), published by Business News Publishing (Troy, MI); Collision Repair Specialist (12x, 1991), an automotive title from Thomas Greco Publishing (Nutley, NJ); Exterior Advantage (4x, 1997), a building category magazine produced by Brandon Publishing (Lighthouse Point, FL); Technology Investor (6x, 2000) from TII (New York); Telecom Investor (6x, 1999), merged by Advanstar Communications (Santa Ana, CA) into America's Network; Enterprise Linux (12x, 2000), from 101Communications (Chatsworth, CA); Florida Primary Educator (6x, 1993) published by FPE, Altemonte Springs, FL; RetailWeek.
Business News Publishing (BNP; Troy, MI) has acquired all the assets of G & M Communications (Niles, IL), the publisher of Contractors Guide and Architectural Specifier magazines.
IHS Publishing Group (Libertyville, IL), a division of Information Handling Services (Englewood, CO), has completed the divestiture of its publishing assets with the sale of SMT, SMT Asia/Pacific, Advanced Packaging, Connector Specifier and Vacuum & Thin- Film magazines to PennWell (Tulsa.