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someone who draws up specifications giving details (as for obtaining a patent)

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Conversely, and more importantly for this article, the specifier function is not always filled by determinatives; it can also be filled by embedded NPs, usually GENITIVE (5) (e.g., Huddlesston & Pullum, 2002; Quirk et al., 1985) as in the children's toys, Anne's grandfather, my job, and so forth.
For example, knocking down the neural crest specifier genes AP2, FoxD3, or SoxlO, in Xenopus disrupts neural crest induction, whereas in zebrafish, knock-down of orthologous molecules impinges on differentiation but does not affect early induction events.
An apomorphy-based definition requires two specifiers of different types, one being a taxon (or species or specimen?) and the other a character.
As a specifier, only is not subcategorised-for; it is not a potential complement.
Try a continuity program with those you've categorized as "buyers." As for the most important names in your database -- the specifiers and influencers -- hit them with multiple offers and discounts.
There are also operations for retrieving a component given its UID or any specifier that can be resolved to its UID.
Another problem is when a specifier chooses a manufacturer's luminaire type and clicks on it, some websites bring up many pages of luminaires of all different types.
Frick, Ph.D., and Terrie Moffitt, Ph.D., have proposed that the DSM-5 include a specifier for a callous-unemotional subtype of conduct disorder, characterized by lack of remorse or guilt; callousness and lack of empathy; lack of concern about performance; and shallow or deficient affect.
As a specifier, should higher durability finishes be required, contact a Qualicoat member and discuss the project requirements in greater detail.
Rotary Storage is available in a palette of colors, or Spacesaver can match the specifier's own custom color.
By prescribing 'Qualicoat' at tender stage, a specifier can be assured of a high quality and long lasting finish.
What often happens is that the specifier (municipal employee or contract engineer) will gather education on various LED products and technologies.
Williams will develop and manage PQI's technical initiatives, including material for the training of painting contractors and paint sales personnel, PQI website content, paint specifier seminars, and other initiatives.
One way for a contractor, specifier or wholesaler to assess the quality of an electrical conduit is to make sure it carries a third party approval such as the BSI Kitemark which indicates its conformance to the International conduit standards BS EN 61386 parts 1, 22 and 23.