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Words related to specificity

the quality of being specific rather than general

the quality of being specific to a particular organism

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For diagnosing aortic or mitral valve disease (of at least moderate severity), the sensitivities of clinical assessment and FoCUS-assisted examination were 46 and 71 percent, respectively, while the specificity was 94 percent for both.
- German rare disease company Centogene has published the development of a rationale framework to optimise sensitivity and specificity in whole exome sequencing -based diagnostics of a clinically heterogeneous patient population using orthogonal Sanger sequencing validation, the company said.
Overall, the sensitivity and specificity of computed tomography was found to be 88.5% and 83.3%, respectively.
The sensitivity of Typhidot for diagnosis of typhoid fever was 95.9% and specificity was 26.5%.
(10) In fact, combining the presence of anti-CCP antibodies and the presence of any of the individual RF isotypes in samples predating symptom onset results in a higher specificity, with increases to 99 percent and 100 percent, (6) providing a greater sense of confidence in the diagnosis.
By dichotomizing the continuous test score, sensitivity and specificity can be calculated at each cut-point.
Therefore, the purpose of this article is to review 3 key analytical terms that neuroscience nurses should be familiar with when evaluating instruments: sensitivity, specificity, and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves.
Specificity of 78% and sensitivity of 83% was achieved when IBK classifier was used with all features.
The clinical evidence study of Illumina's Verifi was comprised of more than 85,000 clinical samples and demonstrated observed sensitivity and specificity of trisomy 21 at greater than 99%.
Also, the specificity and sensitivity were statistically calculated.
In the article titled "Automatic Characterization of the Physiological Condition of the Carotid Artery in 2D Ultrasound Image Sequences Using Spatiotemporal and Spatiospectral 2D Maps" [1], there were errors in the sensitivity and specificity values and missing information on how they were derived from Figures 17, 18, and 19.
Amman, Nov 14 (ONA) Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) participated in the two-day 12th Omani Studies Unit Conference at the Jordanian A'al Al-Bayt University, which is being held in Amman under the title: (Term Specificity and its Sources in the Cultural Heritage of Oman).
This discriminative potential can be quantified by the measures of diagnostic accuracy such as true positive rate (sensitivity), true negative rate (specificity), positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), likelihood ratio positive (LR+), likelihood ratio negative (LR-), area under the ROC curve, Youden's index, and diagnostic odds ratio (DOR).
The following parameters were evaluated: duration of chromoendoscopy of a given rectal segment, type of ACF, sensitivity and specificity of endoscopy combined with histopathological evaluation.
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