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Words related to specificity

the quality of being specific rather than general

the quality of being specific to a particular organism

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Therefore, the purpose of this article is to review 3 key analytical terms that neuroscience nurses should be familiar with when evaluating instruments: sensitivity, specificity, and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves.
Classification using Cross Validation 15 Folds Expressed as Percentage for Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity.
Badr bin Hilal al- Alawi, Head of the History Department at SQU, said that the aim of this conference is to highlight the specificity of the Omani term in all political and social spheres, through Oman's historical, Faqih and literary and other sources.
This Study was conducted to find out the sensitivity and specificity of respectable mid and lower Esophageal cancers.
16 May 2014 - US hereditary cancer testing specialist Ambry Genetics said yesterday that the peer reviewed journal PLOS ONE had featured positive study findings showing the high sensitivity and specificity of its custom BRCAplus panel for mutation analysis.
Flatau and Emrich (2011) is the only study to compare ESS students and non-ESS students to examine the effectiveness of centralized governance structures relative to that of decentralized structures in the production of long-term future sporting success by the site and physical asset specificity of the production.
through the use of pronouns, affixes and so forth (see Haspelmath 1997, Ionin 2010), and thus require a different approach to investigating specificity with regard to the mechanisms employed to express (in)definiteness.
An external third-party evaluation of 143 blood samples from this population yielded a lower specificity of 65% for normal versus CRC patients and a specificity of 76.
If 80% of patients without RA do not have RF, then the specificity of RF for RA is 80%.
In the early phases of test development, when the exact role of the index test has not been fully defined and thus the consequences of incorrect test results have not yet been determined, the preference for choosing the optimal cutoff value is often a criterion that weighs both sensitivity and specificity equally.
The focus of the text is on the comparative studies of the substrate-inhibitor specificity of cholinesterases.
The sensitivity and specificity of a combined evaluation of both CA 19-9 and CA 125 tests were 87.
The authors indicated that technologic advances have improved the specificity of detecting SV40 antibodies and used an enzyme immunoassay based on viruslike particles (VLPs) to perform the analysis (1).
These include the highest currently known fibrin specificity.
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