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the quality of being specific rather than general

the quality of being specific to a particular organism

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Table 1 presents the sensitivities and specificities for a range of cutoffs for both PHQ-9 and PHQ-2.
The true values for the optimal Youden index and cutoff and the corresponding true maximum sensitivities and specificities were calculated from the true underlying distribution of test results among individuals with the disease and those without the disease.
The historical limits and C1 and C2 methods showed varying sensitivities (44%-71%), with C1 and C2 having the highest, but all demonstrated similar specificities (96%-97%).
The seven algorithms are displaced toward lower specificities, although they generally have higher sensitivities.
Others have reported specificities as low as 30%, depending upon the study population's underlying breast cancer risk.
The sensitivities and specificities of the other tests mentioned in the article are either posted on their Web sites or confirmed by spokespersons as follows:
Less extravagant than feminine fashion but still complexly coded in its minute specificities was male dress, mostly unexamined here, its secondary significance explained away in Wilde's complaint that contemporary male costume was no more than a 'frame' or dark border used to isolate and separate woman's dresses.
would mobilize a sort of "war machine"--it would engage an ongoing struggle with developers, politicians, engineers, government agencies, and professors to introduce the fresh air of a new kind of urbanism, a new way of thinking about cities, which analyzes specificities while multiplying possibilities in the manner of Nietzschean "gaiety."
We computed sensitivities, specificities, PPVs, and NPVs together with their 95% confidence intervals (CIs) (19).
The G9 specificities of representative serotype G9 strains from Libya and Kenya and the single Cuban G9 strain were confirmed by partial nucleotide sequencing of full-length RT-PCR VP7 gene products obtained by using primer pair beg9/end9 (10) (data not shown).
Studies conducted by other workers and our group (5-12) that addressed the reliability of the immunometric methods in identifying anti-Scl70 antibodies have furnished discordant results, with very variable sensitivities and specificities. Indeed, this phenomenon was confirmed by a recent cooperative study (13) that evidenced remarkable differences in sensitivity (range, 20-100%) and specificity (range, 85-100%) although CDC/WHO referral sera were used (14).
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