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Synonyms for specifically

Synonyms for specifically

that is to say

Antonyms for specifically

in distinction from others

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The study covered seven areas considered important to quality online program implementation and asked the overarching question: To what extent does this Internet-delivered education program meet the standards for quality distance education, specifically in the areas of institutional support, course development, the teaching/learning process, course structure, student support, faculty support, and evaluation and assessment (Aceves, 2006).
Thus, taxpayers may accelerate the deduction for some portion of the bad-debt reserve if entries to the allowance account are accompanied by contemporaneous documentation indicating that the allowance is intended to reflect the partial worthlessness of specifically identifiable business bad debts occurring within the tax year.
However, section 56 does not specifically provide that a deduction allowed under section 216 is disallowed in computing a taxpayer's AMT.
Congress dashed our hopes by specifically preempting CRBs from liability under state law, and so watered down the federal remedies as to render them useless.
While designed with the needs of the real estate professionals specifically in mind, the vast information made available through MightyMap.com has useful applications to a wide variety of fields, from marketing to fund-raising to electioneering to Appraisal Work.
In an effort to expand the repertoire of accountability measures, Fairchild and Seeley (1995) incorporated formal evaluation activities into their suggestions for school counseling accountability practices, specifically emphasizing needs assessments, data analysis, and student, teacher, and parent evaluations of the school counseling program.
In systems being used by children, as well as those designed specifically for children, there exist two fundamental representation problems: (1) the metadata or representation scheme of the system may not be designed with this specific user group in mind, and (2) few age-appropriate controlled vocabularies exist for use in creating metadata.
We sold this contract, with its $500 million ceiling, to the Department of Commerce as a NOAA asset to be used broadly in support of the President's Ocean Action Plan and more specifically associated with the Integrated Ocean Observing System.
For instance, a controversial new drug for heart failure may soon be approved specifically for African American patients.
Beyond the original biblical passage stretch millennia of commentary and interpretation, and this author's aim is specifically to trace the evolution of the idea--the perception--that the Curse of (or on) Ham was not simply servitude but, somehow, the blackness of Ham, so that slavery and a particular chromatism went together down the ages--extending directly to mid-19th century America, when pro-slavery advocates, armed with Scripture, could and did point to Genesis 9: 18-25 as the divine patent for black slavery, their righteous judgments formed just as biblical literalists' opinions are to this day: "God said it, I believe it, and that's an end to it."
There are 2 tracks specifically developed for Operations and Operations Management personnel as outlined below.
METs are specifically targeted to a country's needs while in-residence courses offer participants the opportunity to meet, work, and share views with senior military and civilian officials on similar issues and problems.
A decade ago, Subaru--the car company that has reached icon status among gays and (especially) lesbians--had no intention of specifically targeting gay consumers through its advertising or promotions.
New upgrades are: new style air knives; an auto register system in a retrofit package designed specifically for the Commander series printing press; and the impression cylinder nip roll assembly, designed specifically for use on the Comco Commander and ProGlide.
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