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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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The specific resistance showed statistical difference for the variables velocity and depth, with 5% degree of significance, and decreased with the increment in velocity.
The varieties, developed with race specific resistance, were not long-living therefore, development of varieties with adult plant resistance (APR) remained the effective breeding strategy.
Molecular methods that can pick up specific resistance mechanisms via detection of the gene responsible for the mutation are rapidly developing in clinical microbiology and these will further enable susceptibility testing to be reported as quickly as possible.
Significant strength gains observed in rugby players after specific resistance exercise protocols based on individual salivary testosterone responses.
Since the patch is new stucco, before you paint, prime the patch with a masonry primer designed with specific resistance to high pH and efflorescence.
Vingren and colleagues [1] devoted whole sections in their review to specific resistance training variables such as Intensity (defined by the authors as % 1RM), Number of Sets for each exercise, Volume (sets x repetitions x resistance), Choice of Exercise (free weights or machines, muscle action, and repetition duration), Order of Exercise (sequence of exercise within a session), and Rest Period Duration (inter-set and interexercise rest duration), which may affect acute post-exercise hormonal responses.
As drawing shows--within the specific resistance range up to 3000 [OMEGA]m (it coincides with real conditions) the biggest error is at high resistance values (near 3000 [OMEGA]m).
The specific resistance was calculated by multiplying the sheet resistance with the layer thickness determined.
A hurdler can maintain a high running speed up to the end of the distance by developing a specific resistance.
To observe the influence of the cladded layers from the active surface on the contact resistance, were performed electrical measurements respectively measurement of resistance and measurement of specific resistance.
The ultrasensitive resistance tests used in this study looked only for two specific resistance mutations.
2005) Analytical model of specific resistance of electroconductive bulk material.
Resistivity, also called specific resistance or volume resistivity, is the resistance between opposite faces of a centimeter cube of the liquid.
Of note, 407 cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) with specific resistance to at least isoniazid and rifampin occurred in a study of 28,712 tuberculosis cases in California during 1994-2003, according to Reuben M.