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Synonyms for remedy

Synonyms for remedy

an agent used to restore health

something that corrects or counteracts

to rectify (an undesirable or unhealthy condition)


to make right what is wrong

Synonyms for remedy

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While the court did not prescribe a specific remedy for the trespass, it did state that measures such as modifying the hole from where the wayward golf balls originated would not be a hardship sufficient "to relieve the defendant [golf course] of the obligation to eliminate a continuing trespass.
A Try eight drops of confidence essence twice daily and make an appointment with a homeopath to find a specific remedy for your needs.
Before applying any specific remedy, a critical factor to consider in retaining talent is to provide an invigorated environment where people want to come to work.
As in the Kansas case, the court declined to order a specific remedy, but left it to the 2005 legislature to fashion a solution.
There should be a specific procedure for addressing problems, and a specific remedy if the problems prove impossible to address.
Taking a page from movie gangsters, who tend to threaten vaguely rather than make explicit demands, the attorneys general didn't insist on a specific remedy.
Still, although calling for protection of the current system, the Democrats are not offering any specific remedy to solve its looming financial problems.
Although minor cases of acne are easily dealt with using over-the-counter products more serious cases need a doctor's input - prescription acne treatments are much more powerful and effective and there is even a specific remedy (tretinoin) for acne associated with lots of blackheads (comedonal acne).