specific performance

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the performance of a legal contract as specified by its terms

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Under the latter, specific performance is considered a form of equitable relief, meaning that such required action is awarded to the obligee (the person to whom the other is obligated under contract) to the extent that such damage is unique and monetary damages are inadequate to compensate the same.
The court of appeal found for the Landlords, and ordered specific performance which allowed them to receive a combined Au540,000.
Specific performance should be available to an aggrieved seller of goods when none of the seller remedies identified in UCC sections 2-702 to 2-710 will be adequate to protect the expectation interest of the seller.
This study pertains to Dutch law, and the author explains in his introduction that it addresses two central questions: "First, under what circumstances is a creditor legally entitled to seek specific performance of an obligation?
Currently there are sliding shorts used in baseball; football girdles, etc that are sport specific performance products.
DSCR also holds separate meetings with each supplier to discuss specific performance metrics, issues, and improvement plans.
First, in some areas of the specific performance doctrine, the application of the presumption is illogical and inconsistent.
2002), found that there was not only an enforceable teaming agreement but also a breach, and the appropriate remedy was specific performance.
Each employee and supervisor should create an agreement that includes specific performance targets.
The question of the appropriate legal remedy, specific performance versus money damages, has provided adequate fodder for three decades of debate in the law and economics discourse.
In that vein, Hofrichter expects CEO stock options to be linked to "more specific performance measures such as reducing costs, bringing on new products, or completing an acquisition.
The report should measure specific performance items that are key to the carrier, such as contact date, first contact acknowledgment, first report and first inspection date.
Company researchers found that combinations of the new catalysts improved specific performance areas.
This Broadway dis-play is about specific performance - after time was not of the essence - and now there's a lis pendens hanging from the marquee.
Second, because the form was meant to be ephemeral and elite, tied to a specific performance and set of performers, no masque survives completely intact, and certain aspects remain necessarily irretrievable.