specific gravity

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the density of a substance relative to the density of water

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0988) [26] where specific gravity was determined as indicated above by the weight in air and weight in water method.
Potato supply as a raw material for processing industry must fulfill a number of requirements including low sugar contents, high dry matter, more specific gravity, high antioxidants (Vit C), low weight loss, good color and with no sprouting.
Figure 3 shows a TPE with a Shore A hardness of 35 to 40, specific gravity of 8 and low tensile strength of 150 psi.
It has been postulated that the bamboo specific gravity is closely related to the relative proportions of vascular bundles and ground tissues; especially as the proportion of thick-walled sclerenchyma cells within the culm.
Key words: osmolality, refractometry, specific gravity, urine, avian, Hispaniolan Amazon parrots, Amazona ventralis
Effective separation of minerals of different specific gravity.
5 mL) of known specific gravity were added to a single tube of each specimen tube type and lot number.
When the Baume test is used in combination with the Specific Gravity Gravimetric Method, the combined results can be a more useful diagnostic tool.
A team led by Katsumi Tsukamoto and Michael Miller of the University of Tokyo surveyed the specific gravity of 25 marine critters that typically dwell in the upper layer of the oceans.
Reporting specific gravity urine with pregnancy test
Adjusting for the specific gravity of urine was not useful because it is so highly correlated with urinary creatinine.
A section of 36-inch diameter pipe, measuring two feet long with a specific gravity equal to the original pipeline, was installed inside the box, (photo A).
The float's specific gravity matches the buffy coat cells and expands the buffy coat layer into a narrow, annular space between the float and the tube's inner wall, making it possible to image and count the cells.
Its high specific gravity and compactness make it resistant to wear and tear.
J(1) that says, "The use of goggles is not required for routing sampling or specific gravity measurements.