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Synonyms for specific

Synonyms for specific

fixed and distinct from others

of, relating to, or intended for a distinctive thing or group

Synonyms for specific

a fact about some part (as opposed to general)


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a medicine that has a mitigating effect on a specific disease

(sometimes followed by 'to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique

stated explicitly or in detail

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being or affecting a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition

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According to the NHCR, non-specific health claims are OK to use as long as they are either accepted generic descriptors or accompanied by a specific health claim.
1933), addressed the specific charge-off requirement and noted that Congressional intent was to allow a deduction for business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided there was "some specific act of the taxpayer clearly indicating their abandonment as assets." In concluding that the taxpayer had failed to perform such act of abandonment within the tax year, the court acknowledged that "the charge-off of debts may take other forms than entries on the books of the taxpayer, may be effected in a variety of ways, and yet be sufficient for substantial compliance with the statute" (emphasis added).
And, consistent with this fact, the tracking of this detail will probably need to be manual, done by a specific designated staff member (not spread over many).
In remarks before the ABA Section of Taxation on May 5, 2006, you acknowledged any effective TAM process "must include among its characteristics an honest and forthright effort by the Service and Counsel to reevaluate any positions formulated in either the Case Specific or Generic Legal Advice in light of specific arguments advanced by the taxpayers and their representatives during the TAM process." We strongly agree and urge you to include this guidance in the revised TAM procedure.
Service learning can also be integrated into specific discipline-centered courses as a minor or major portion of course requirements (Enos & Troppe).
It examines crimes as events, occurring at "specific locations in space and time, involving specific persons and/or objects." (6) Three crucial components necessary for predatory crimes are motivated offenders, suitable targets, and the absence of capable guardians.
Your efforts to document what happen will help you to address two fundamental issues: what is your specific complaint and what do you expect the airline to do about it.
The foregoing examples demonstrate that by taking one's analysis beyond simply examining what currently exists, a buyer can develop additional insight into specific "issue areas" within the target business.
However, there are specific variables that are subject to positive changes through training.
In this article, we report on the general discussion and specific presentations of participants from eight countries: Canada, China, Croatia, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
According to the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), snapshots are copies of data as it appeared at a specific point in time.
About one in 20 K-12 students is classified as having a specific learning disability.
Both are highly potent and specific siRNA products which deliver guaranteed knockdown.