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capable of being specified

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At the moment what you end up doing is funding projects that can give you what you call specifiable verifiable and predicable-so you end up funding oil, extraction, diamond mines, coal mines and so on and these, while these investments are important, they by themselves cannot engender economic prosperity.
the Air Pump presented its human actors as contemporary types, and not as specifiable individuals .
1] are arbitrary, unknown and unknowable by assumption, neither size nor reference system are specified or specifiable.
Collins's philosophical bottom line is 'that judgement (or the proposition judged) is not the given in matters linguistic; rather, we should view structured linguistic meaning as the product of a general mechanism--Merge, but call it what you like--that is specifiable independently of any judgements at all, and which targets intrinsically complex items' (x).
But Lord Justice Elias, sitting in London today with Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart and Judge Neil Ford QC, rejected the suggestion that Davey would be safe for release in any specifiable period.
Whether in politics or in policy, in courts or in the media, one assumes that each human group "has" some kind of "culture" and that the boundaries between these groups and the contours of their cultures are specifiable and relatively easy to depict.
Certainly one can trace, through all of these, specifiable recurring characteristics of style and theme that would point to an overall author called Anthony Mann.
showing that these connectives have specifiable meanings by getting students to work out those meanings in authentic L1 texts;
Whether human perception recognizes invariants according to mathematical specifiable rules is a matter of debate, but some early lines of study seem to suggest that it is.
His analysis lacks a sense that the ecological thought virus might not only have some specifiable hosts who hasten its spread, but some event that might sets the hosts off running in the first place.
business decision, often to purchase a certain amount of a specifiable product or service at a specifiable price.
Why all this is important is that it is very much a reaction against a rationalised engineering-based approach that has dominated software development since its inception, 'waterfall,' a shorthand term for 'hard systems thinking', assumed requirements are fully specifiable in advance and that an optimal predictable solution exists for every requirement.
THE TOTAL SPECIFIABLE COST of the wars and homeland security to date is $2.
An oligomer is a molecule that consists of a specifiable number of monomers (usually less than five).