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Synonyms for species

Synonyms for species

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

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Not only does each species preserve its characteristics, but it also receives Divine command (wahy) and acts accordingly, the Qur'an tells us.
The not-yet-named butterflies in the Lycaeides genus, however, flourish in the harsh zone above the timberline, where the parent species can't cope, Gompert and his colleagues say.
The idea is that known occurrences of species across landscapes can be related to raster geographic information system coverages summarizing environmental variation across those landscapes to develop a quantitative picture of the ecologic distribution of the species.
So far, Fisher has discovered 800 previously unknown ant species in Madagascar.
A law called the Endangered Species Act (ESA) also helped.
This approach pioneered by Ludvigsen in the 1970s, and rests on the assumption that all species of each genus would have had the same ecological requirements, more or less.
Three rubber-producing species of higher plant were chosen from different Super Orders of the Dicotyledoneae to reflect as distant a phylogenetic relationship as possible.
Robinson's Kokias, however, flowered prolifically producing hundreds of viable seeds, which he germinated and used to begin growing another crop of the rare species.
We just thought it fit the Endangered Species Act as well as some of the other species that have been listed," Gardner says.
While scientists aren't sure how many species inhabit the planet today, their estimates top ten million.
Gassman, who leads birding tours, says that Hawaii's native species fell victim to many predators, beginning with the rats that stowed away in canoes with early Polynesian settlers.
Native tree species (also called indigenous) are wild and grew naturally or spontaneously in the undisturbed forest vegetation before the arrival of Columbus or other Europeans.
7 million species have been identified on Earth and given Linnaean names (United Nations Environment Programme 1996), but there may be 10 times that number in all, and perhaps many times more if we include microbial diversity (Pimm et al.
It requires good control of the chip supply system to deliver the desired mixture to the digester, and optimized process cooking and bleaching conditions for each species mixture.