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'This is not an indigenous specie and belonged to southern United States, Mexico, Central and Southern America from where it spread to different countries including Australia, India and Pakistan,' informed Dr.
He noted that the local specie, also known as 'Muturu'' has capacity to survive any adverse condition because of its ability to be resistant to diseases, such as 'trypanosomiasis'' or Tse-tse fly attacks.
The unusual and rapid migration of the wild specie into northern region has posed a serious threat to its rich ecology by damaging local flora and fauna besides badly impacting livelihood of the farming community through destruction of crops in search of food.
The court adjourned the hearing till April 6 and observed that the court will make an order on the next date of hearing regarding imposition of ban on the hunting of the rare species. Sheraz Zaka Advocate and Kalim Illyas on behalf of petitioners submitted that houbara bustard is vulnerable specie.
In addition, the DA-BFAR shall determine the non-detriment findings (NDF) or the risk assessment for targeted and incidentally caught shark species. With this, the collection and possession of shark, ray, and chimaera species shall only be allowed when the results of the NDF show that, despite the extent of specie collection, the population of such can still remain viable and capable of recovering its numbers.
The region produced 867,939 MT in 2015, and 824,313 MT in 2016 of that fish specie. As of November 2017, the BFAR-ARMM also recorded 213,935 fishermen in the entire region.
The students banded together to display their artworks of monkeys, and held interactive rounds of exchanging interesting and fun trivia about the beloved specie.
The high prevalence of Escherichia coli is because this specie is part of the normal intestinal microbiota of mammals like dogs, however most strains of E.
That the Liquidator be and is hereby authorised, in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company to distribute the whole or part of the assets of the Company amongst the members in specie.
The Leatherback - the largest species of living turtle - is thought to have come from French Guiana on the north-east coast of South America - a popular nesting place for the specie.
KUWAIT -- Reminiscing about the past is a unique trait that human beings share as a specie and this process is especially true when it comes to places and areas people used to visit or live in the "good ol'days".
On Saturday, policemen in Real town also seized 77 pieces of sawn lumber from red lauan specie with an estimated volume of 3.23 cubic meter (369.50 board feet) worth P11,000.
Leave at least two leaves above the top truss to draw sap ?Propagate floribunda and specie roses by semi-ripe cuttings taken from shoots which haven't carried flower ?Moisten dry material you add to your compost bed to speed decay and add a proprietary accelerator to help the process ?Harvest crops including courgettes and beans when they are young, to encourage the plants to produce more flowers and fruits
The current study is focused on biofuel production from local specie of algae.
Biologist Marcelo Szpilman ydentified the shark as being from the mako specie which is from the same family as the white sharks.