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the evolution of a biological species

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Ueshima and Asami have done the field of snail speciation a great favor.
Single-gene speciation doesn't, in theory, take place among just any group of snails, Asami says.
The analysis was repeated after removal of the distant Sebastolobus species [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 4A, 5A OMITTED], and this time a highly significant outcome was achieved (Table 1) in a direction signifying an ancient temporal clustering of speciations.
Thus, no conscious effort was made to sample genetically distant rockfishes that would bias statistical outcomes in favor of inferring ancient bursts of speciations, nor to preferentially sample genetically close species that would bias in favor of recent radiations.
74) in the northeastern Pacific, yet yielded conclusions about ancient speciations consistent with those from the cyt b analyses.
1994), studies of monophyletic groups characterized by explosive speciation and adaptive radiation have had considerable impacts on ecological, evolutionary, and speciational theory (Echelle and Kornfield 1984).
Although the fossil record of hominids is sketchy and anthropologists agree on few details, the available evidence does support the idea of a pulse in speciation at this time, asserts Vrba.