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the evolution of a biological species

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1996), the relative temporal placements of speciational nodes in a phylogeny must be estimated.
The two most probable evolutionary processes accounting for the observed poly- and paraphyly include retention of ancestral genetic polymorphism through population divergence or a speciational mode (peripatric speciation), which necessarily results in such phylogenetic patterns.
However, Sanderson (1990) pointed out that when using Mindell's methods, it is impossible to distinguish real speciational evolution from biases due to parsimony (i.
Then for each simulation, we used weighted squared-change parsimony to reconstruct body size evolution simulated with a gradual model of evolution, and both squared-change and linear parsimony to reconstruct changes simulated with a speciational model of evolution (i.
As a result, branch lengths were set as equal, reflecting a speciational model (see Garland et al.
A more common approach is to assume a "gradual" model of phenotypic evolution, in which case the expected variance of character change is expected to be directly proportional to time, or a speciational or "punctuational" model, in which the amount of character evolution is proportional to the number of speciation events occurring along each branch of the phylogeny (Felsenstein 1985; Martins and Garland 1991; Lynch 1991; Hey 1992; Losos 1995).
Speciational trends and the role of species in macroevolution.
The models incorporated three evolutionary rates - constant, varying among lineages, varying among characters - and three evolutionary contexts concerning patterns of character change relative to speciation events - phyletic, speciational, and punctuational.