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the evolution of a biological species

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The nature of these contact zones and the special characteristics of Vandiemenella chromosomal variation and geographic distribution, were the basis of White's stasipatric model of speciation (White 1974, 1978; Mrongovius 1979).
Windermere Humic Acid Model (WHAM) is a chemical equilibrium speciation model, which can predict the chemical forms of metals, with particular reference to the effect of natural organic substances (humic acids).
Various authors describe speciation mechanisms related to host plant chemistry, host shifts, differences in host plant phenology, hybridization, phenotypic plasticity of both hosts and herbivorous insects, and insect behavior and communication.
This book is based on a draft prepared by WHO Task Group on Environmental Health Criteria for Elemental Speciation in Human Health Risk Assessment under the supervision of Dr Inge Mangelsdorf of Fraunhofer Institute, Hanover, Germany and Dr A.
Occasionally, the introduction of non-native species even leads to speciation events--the formation of new species from older ones.
Speciation occurs as a consequence of gradual accumulation of small genetic changes.
One of the most hotly debated aspects of the speciation process is its geographical context, and the nature and importance of isolation in the initial divergence of taxa (Coyne & Orr 2004).
There's little doubt that the hippie heyday helped usher in what the anthropologist Grant McCracken has called an age of "plenitude," a "quickening speciation of social groups.
Parts on residence time, forcing, the carbonate system, water speciation and water-rock reactions are particularly heavy going.
Eggert thinks the elephants' speciation (separation into a new species) began more than 2 million years ago, when West African elephants migrated away from central and southern African relatives.
Sheryl Berman and Diane Spicer received approximately $91,000 for a year long research project entitled, "Examination of safety, viability and speciation of Lactobacillus dietary supplements in the State of Washington.
The only way to ensure correct speciation is to subculture the organism and purify it for further characterization.
These include 1) the development of metal electrodes for amperometrically measuring free HF without interference from nitric acid and fluoride complexes, and 2) thermodynamic speciation models for predicting multiple fluoride species equilibrium concentrations in aqueous-organic phase equilibria.