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the evolution of a biological species

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Speciation occurs as a consequence of gradual accumulation of small genetic changes.
Paraphyly at the species level is not uncommon (Funk & Omland 2003), and may even be expected under the scenario of ecological speciation. Among island radiations, the phenomenon has been clearly demonstrated in species of beetles (Rees et al.
The only way to ensure correct speciation is to subculture the organism and purify it for further characterization.
These include 1) the development of metal electrodes for amperometrically measuring free HF without interference from nitric acid and fluoride complexes, and 2) thermodynamic speciation models for predicting multiple fluoride species equilibrium concentrations in aqueous-organic phase equilibria.
Investigating the geochemical cycling and speciation of Hg in aquatic systems is of critical importance to understanding the mechanisms responsible for its accumulation in higher trophic levels.
Sessions throughout the week included inorganic and organic speciation, methodologies for determining trace elements in complex matrices, food characterization, advanced inorganic methodology, recent requirements for reference materials, dietary supplements, food characterization, and foundations for environmental measurements.
Speciation of arsenic compounds in urine is essential for the biological monitoring of inorganic arsenic exposure.
The bioavailability of copper to aquatic biota, with respect to both toxicity and necessity, is dependent on the chemical speciation (i.e., the range of chemical forms a metal is able to assume) and the concentration of the total dissolved copper in the water column.
[ClickPress, Mon Sep 10 2018] The report " Top 10 Food Safety Testing and Technologies Trends (Food Safety, GM Food Safety, Food Pathogen, Meat Speciation, Food Authenticity, Pesticide Residue, Mycotoxin, Allergen, Water, and Bottled Water) - Global Forecast to 2022", The top 10 food safety testing and technologies market is projected to reach USD 39.47 Billion by 2022.
The researchers of the study found evidence that global bacterial diversity has mostly increased over the past 1bn years, with roughly constant or only slowly changing overall speciation and extinction rates when averaged over all clades.
The study of ecological speciation marks a central theme in evolutionary biology, with a major focus on understanding the role of adaptation in reproductive isolation (Baack et al., 2015) and species divergence (Schemske, 2010).