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the evolution of a biological species

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Number of data hours by year and month for the main aerosol instrument types: Particle number concentration using CPC, CCN concentrations using CCN counters (CCNC), speciated mass concentrations using AMS or ACSM instruments, BC mass concentration using the SP2 instrument, and particle number size distribution (NSD) using SMPS, DMPS, UHSAS, PCASP, DMA, and APS.
Detection limit and proportion undetectable for total and speciated arsenic.
Frequency of NTM species speciated by GenoType[R] Mycobacterium CM assay Non tuberculous Frequency, mycobacteria species n (%) M.
Gatterman and colleagues examined 494 clinical coagulase-negative staphylococcal isolates and found that 3% of isolates speciated to S.
The remaining cases 39(87%) Shigella isolates were further speciated and S.
But possibly because it's so hard to obtain an ID using standard tools, molds and yeasts are not generally speciated.
One way to identify the mixture of pollution sources in an area is through speciated monitoring data.
VOCs mostly exist in mixtures so measurements can be misleading unless the individual compounds are speciated.
However, these 2 species could have been present and belonged to the colonies of Staphylococcus that were not speciated.
In consultation with a statistician, it was agreed that 200 suspected NTM, which comprised [+ or -]17% of the total number of NTM cultured annually, should be speciated to provide a statistically significant sample.
They excel as zone fossils--fossil species that characterise, and are used to delimit, geological zones--as they evolved and speciated rapidly and possess easily visible suture lines, so animals from different rock layers are distinctly different from each other.
ACA commented that that SCAQMD uses Method 24, Method 303 (Determination of exempt compounds), as well as SCAQMD Method 313 (GC/ MS) to determine specific speciated VOC values.
annulata detection: Twenty morphologically speciated ticks were taken from each of five species (Hyalomma anatolicum, H.