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the evolution of a biological species

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Of these 133 NTM, 114 were fully speciated by the molecular assay; 8 could not be speciated further as the molecular assays only contain probes that allow for the detection of 40 commonly isolated NTM, and the remaining 11 represented mixed NTM species.
175 mould colonies were isolated in Marmara University Hospital and allergenic ones were speciated (Table 4).
The opihi then speciated within the Hawaiian Archipelago along an ecological gradient, as they invaded deeper habitats, forming the three species that we observe today (in order from shallow to deep) 'opihi makai'auli, 'opihi 'alinalina, 'opihi ko'ele.
Crowley's (1990) proposal that the speciation and radiation of the eyresii group is much older is of significance in the case of the new species herein described, since its affinities with these species are greater than with those of the stercusmuscarum group which have probably speciated later, possibly as late as Miocene/Pliocene.
Mosquitoes are captured at specific geographical locations using Geographical Information System (GIS) coordinates, where they are speciated and sent to the laboratory for testing.
MRS was speciated by PCR-RFLP of gap gene and results were confirmed by DNA sequencing.
To understand the source/receptor relationship, multivariate receptor models have been applied to the observed speciated PM over the years.
19) Of 20 cases speciated by morphology and sequencing identification, there were 14 cases of definite and 1 probable Rhizopus, 4 cases of Mucor, and 1 case of Cunningharnella; this distribution implies a lack of voriconazole activity in the entire group.
They apparently speciated when the vicariant event of subduction of a once continuous ridge occurred.
Shots of ancient woodlands speciated by English natives then followed.
Isolates were identified, speciated, and resistance patterns were determined.
However, the EPA noted that when adequate technologies are available, it will consider rulemaking for the measurement of speciated mercury emission.
ocreata spread first across the southeast and, as populations became isolated they speciated to S.
Since arsenic in CCA is speciated as arsenate (As[O.