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evolve so as to lead to a new species or develop in a way most suited to the environment

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Of these, several isolates were randomly sampled to speciate, and results found Staphylococcus sciuri most commonly followed by S epidermis and Staphylococcus saprophyticus.
Isolates suspected to be NTM by colony morphology, biochemical tests (niacin and nitrate) and/or the SD Bioline TB Ag MPT64 Rapid Test were investigated further by a commercially available molecular test that speciates NTM.
Por esta misma variabilidad de fuentes es que los factores utilizados fueron variados, pero entre ellos se consideran principalmente los sugeridos por EPA o los inventarios de Mexico: los factores AP42, FIRE, SPECIATE, CIEDARS, etc [5-24].
in the tropics is highly due to the opportunity to colonize and speciate on members from a wide number of piscine families (ROSIM et al.
The same way that evolutionary theory predicts that a group of animals would speciate in a new habitat, I expect the business models in the pharma industry to multiply.
This inconsistency may be due to two reasons: first, the difference in methodology of collecting mosquitoes in the houses compared to collecting them outside and, second, using different classification keys to speciate the mosquitoes collected.
During the early evolution of these groups," Smith said, "there is the development of features that we often recognise to identify these groups visually, but they don't begin to speciate rapidly until after the development of the features.
If the X-autosome centric fusion occurs at a more or less constant rate in the evolutionary history of the Acridoidea, it is expected that earlier fusions gave the involved species enough time to speciate, giving rise to higher taxa.
2) These examples support the recommendation that we must speciate the pathogen in order to monitor for potential nosocomial outbreaks.
The advantages of the study presented in this paper were the capacity to speciate the different forms of P in a soil system, and to measure soil solution dissolved organic carbon (DOC), Fe, and Al without any of the chemical extractions previously used (Philen and Lehr 1967; Blanchar and Hossner 1969b; Mnkeni and MacKenzie 1985).
MKS also noted that the analyzer can speciate nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbons, as well as quantify NH3 and N2O, which traditional analyzers do not monitor.
Scanning electron microscopic imagery cannot speciate bacteria, so additional techniques such as those used in molecular biology are needed to identify the bacteria responsible for ELSD.
The other species in the antennatum-traviatum clade that did not recently speciate have distributions as follows: E.
Species adapt and speciate, and both of these functions would be profoundly impaired by a degree of complexity that rendered parts either noninterchangeable or indispensable.