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a store that sells only one kind of merchandise

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Appropriately, it is a specialty store for the construction and building industry,' she added.
At this point, every New York department store is struggling to keep its customer base and compete with a plethora of discount retailers, specialty store and power centers.
Dan River named Scott McLam, most recently sales manager for Federated and specialty stores, as vice president of sales, department and specialty stores.
NEW YORK-With specialty stores accounting for nearly a third of the total tabletop market share in 2000, according to HFN statistics, it appears they are filling a niche and staying alive.
the specialty store chain, the category killer and/or the big box.
If you're a specialty store, you have to differentiate yourself from all the rest.
There may be a line that finds itself in a mass merchant: Once a specialty store finds out, it's on close-out.
Twelve new specialty stores, including bars, restaurants, apparel retailers and bookstores have set up shop in recent years.
In 2003, mass merchants and clubs cornered 45 percent of retail sales of pads, pillows and comforters; specialty stores accounted for 19 percent; department stores' share of the pie was 29 percent; and catalogs 6 percent, according to HFN research.
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