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Synonyms for drug

knock out



Synonyms for drug

a substance used in the treatment of disease

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

Synonyms for drug

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Insurers can assist employers in understanding and using techniques, such as integrated benefit specialty management, managing infusion site of care, and specialty drug pathways, among other strategies.
com/lab/drug-trend-report/previous-reports) one of the top five specialty drugs , for example, cost $6,621 in 2015, compared with $60 for traditional drugs like Nexium and Crestor.
Some employers shield workers from financial harm by capping the amount they pay for a specialty drug at $100 a month, she said.
Specialty drug distribution tends to be impractical for traditional retail channels.
Why are specialty drug prices such a major concern?
Since about half of the specialty drug spend is on the medical side of the equation and, realistically, should stay there, it is important to focus on providing comprehensive specialty management for clients, regardless of the drug delivery method utilized.
Under terms of the agreement, Cardiokine, a privately held specialty drug developer, will receive a $50 million upfront payment and up to $170 million in additional milestone payments for successful development of global commercialization of Lixivaptan, as well as royalties on commercial sales.
To manage this trend, plan sponsors must first analyze specialty drug utilization and cost within both pharmacy and medical claims.
As a result, there has been an increase in specialty drug utilization and spending," Lotvin says.
employers confirms more than one-quarter (26%) of employers are addressing specialty drug cost and utilization in their medical plan today, in addition to the variety of tactics focused on the pharmacy benefit directly.
If the plan's formulary uses 'tiers,' and specialty drugs are included as a separate tier, you will likely pay more in cost sharing for drugs in the specialty drug tier," according to the draft.
In 2015, the average annual cost of therapy for a single specialty drug was $52,486--slightly less than the median U.
AWP (Average Wholesale Price) is based on date sensitive, 11-digit National Drug Code (NDC) as supplied by MediSpan a nationally recognized pricing source for retail, mail order and specialty drug adjudicated claims.
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