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Synonyms for specialty

something at which a person excels

an area of academic study that is part of a larger body of learning

Synonyms for specialty

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Global demand for specialty silicas -- which include precipitated silica, silica gel, silica sol, and fumed silica -- is forecast to grow 5.
Although historically used to treat rare genetic diseases such as hemophilia, specialty drugs are no longer limited to treating such disorders.
Dow Plastics, Specialty Plastics & Elastomers, MI
Unfortunately, with the high volume production methods we have employed and perfected, the only specialty aspects to most grades are trim, basis weight, and finish.
Stahl Specialty was founded by Glen Stahl in 1946 in Kingsville, Missouri, to produce items, such assanding drums and lathe faceplates, for home workshops.
But separately they at best elucidate a part or side or aspect or feature of some element of the social world, and it is not hard to see why a student of society would aspire to a better understanding of society than can be got by work within a single specialty.
In short, the agreement seeks to limit the numbers of certain types of specialists employed by SMHS in certain defined geographic areas to 40 percent of the physicians practicing in that specialty and geographic area.
The Tax Specialization Task Force has proposed a model tax specialty program based on a broad general tax specialty.
Provide public access to independent verification of specialty knowledge.
Armada Health Care, an organization focused solely on the Specialty Pharmacy trade class, is expanding its field-based Clinical Liaison Team to work with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, to help them realize strategic alliances with Specialty Pharmacy.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Medical Specialty Bags in US$ Million by the following product segments - Bile Collection Bags, Blood Bags, Breathing Bags, Cadaver Bags, Enema Bags, Enteral Feeding Bags, Ice Bags, Intravenous Fluid Containers, Ostomy Collection Bags, Sterilization Packaging Bags, Urinary Collection Bags, and Others.
The intent was to convert specialty contracting from a discounted fee-for-service methodology to capitated payment.
This article summarizes the background for tax specialty accreditation and briefs members about what the future may hold.
Muller, currently regional company president of Airgas East, to the new role of senior vice president - specialty gases and life sciences, effective immediately.