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Synonyms for specialness

the quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance

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Maguire seems to explain the normative specialness of my caring attitude by its descriptive specialness: my attitude is agent-relative in a descriptive way and, from this descriptive specialness, Maguire infers that it is also agent-relative in a normative way.
Following family patriarch Bill Baxley's death, they discovered their specialness arose not only from hard work and community respect but from carrying a rare disease that started to afflict almost every member of the family.
So to come here and do it 2-0 is special for us as a team but we share that specialness with great players in our side like Dale and AB, who have been here lots of times and worked really hard to try to win games of cricket.
I also invite you to read the article on the specialness of college towns.
As humans have learned about the size of the cosmos (and our not-so-central place in it), we have grappled with weighing our specialness against the possible existence of alien beings on other worlds.
We should know more of this period for it shaped our heritage, both the specialness of Scotland and what has held us together at a time when that union is under question.
This is a powerful investment behind all Coca-Cola products, showing how everyone can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola, with or without calories, with or without caffeine.
But if the specialness of the packaging falls short of the specialness of the product, the premium message won't get through to consumers.
Of course, in any civilised world we recognise that the death sentence is no longer the appropriate response to an insult, but Islam is 'special' and western liberals in the media have long argued in favour of that specialness.
We want to bring that specialness back through a new brand of 'proper hospitality' that specifically caters to our generation of well-heeled travellers.
Take 10,000--a brownish color with a lot of sparkle that reminds individuals to remember the specialness of natural experiences.
That single special location was Snowdonia - granted that''s a big one and it contains many beautiful places, but by encompassing most of north west Wales, somehow it takes away some of its specialness.
At Coca-Cola, we believe in inclusivity and the specialness of all types of people," said Atty.
We believe it is time to share the specialness of Bahrain with the rest of the world," said BFEA secretary-general Betsy B Mathieson, at a Press conference held in Alumni Club, Adliya.
I think it is unfair to Einstein to suggest that his specialness can be pared down to simple anatomical features," he said.
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