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Synonyms for specially

Synonyms for specially

in a special manner


to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common

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Our chief object will be to see whether or not the rules indicate that species have specially been endowed with this quality, in order to prevent their crossing and blending together in utter confusion.
It will be advisable to explain a little more fully by an example what I mean by sterility being incidental on other differences, and not a specially endowed quality.
I was only keepin' on with my work 'cause you specially told me this mornin' ter hurry with my dishes, ye know.
Salters was mainly agricultural; for, though he read "Josephus" and expounded it, his mission in life was to prove the value of green manures, and specially of clover, against every form of phosphate whatsoever.
He was specially communicative with the boys, and he never withdrew his prophecy that one day Harvey would be Dan's master, and that he would see it.
When the prince pointed out that there was nothing new about that, for that they had always behaved in this manner together, Colia did not know what to say; in fact he could not explain what it was that specially worried him, just now, about his father.
He felt instinctively that some such well-sounding humbug, brought out at the proper moment, would soothe the old man's feelings, and would be specially acceptable to such a man in such a position.
God made you in the first place, and you've done considerable yourself to help Him along; but she gave you the wherewithal to work with, and that ain't to be despised; specially when anybody gives up her own luxuries and pleasures to do it.
One of those last I remember specially, now gone to his rest from that sea which his temperament must have made a scene of little more than a peaceful pursuit.
All who talked to her, and at each word saw her bright smile and the constant gleam of her white teeth, thought that they were in a specially amiable mood that day.
He mentioned that to allow free access to information, Government has kept books for specially abled out of the purview of Copyright Act.
The products affected are the Specially Selected Scottish Luxury Yogurt, Specially Selected Canadian Blueberry Luxury Yogurt, and Specially Selected Fudge and Cream Luxury Yogurt.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- President Abdullah GE-l has signed into law a controversial bill seeking to abolish specially authorized courts (EuYM), which played a critical role in historic coup trials, nearly two weeks after the bill was passed in Parliament.
We've chosen a selection of dishes from the Specially Selected range which will make your Christmas dinner the one to be at this year.
We've chosen a selection of dishes from the Specially Selected range that will make your Christmas dinner the one to be at this year.
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