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The loop in the naive implementation is implicit; making it visible to the specializer enables new optimizations, for example, loop unrolling.
The specializer performs the equivalent of the standard sets-of-items construction on-the-fly using its memoization point mechanism: for each state, specialization generates one version of ds-parse and one of ds-parse-bar.
Traditional monovariant binding-time analyses [Bondorf 1991] expect the arguments to a primitive to be static data of base type if the specializer is to reduce the primitive.
To achieve the same effect in the specialized parsers, it is necessary to convey the structure of the list of continuations to the binding-time analysis and to the specializer.
This way, the specializer derives from a specification of Go in first-order logic an efficient program that plays Go quite effectively.
Tempo is a successful specializer for the C programming language.
A current trend is to make specializers aware of computational effects.
Traditional specializers work in an offline fashion, in that program specialization is completely separated from execution of the specialized program.
On-line partial evaluators perform all the control decisions during the actual specialization phase, whereas off-line specializers perform an analysis phase that generates annotations on the program before the actual specialization begins [Jones et al.
2009), and since lower autonomy may be more evident in specialized sport settings, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation levels may be different in specializers compared to nonspecializers.
Second, it was hypothesized that specializers would report less physical activity enjoyment as young adults compared to non-specializers.
Separate independent t-tests were conducted to compare specializers and non-specializers on their frequency of current sport participation, aerobic, and resistance training exercise, and physical activity enjoyment as young adults.
Specializers also were asked to recall the age they began specializing and 101 (89%) indicated they began specializing before adolescence.
Instead of modelling firms as producing increasing amounts of same list of outputs, economists are increasingly modelling firms as specializers who collectively produce smallish amounts of an increasing number of outputs.
CSW specializers in major league baseball, pro and college football, pro and college basketball, pro hockey, and horse racing.
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