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Synonyms for specialization

the act of specializing

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the special line of work you have adopted as your career

(biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function

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mining engineering specialization in response to increased interest from students; an increased need within the industry and government for Ph.
This achievement follows Carousels recent certification as a Master Partner in Ciscos Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) and Master Collaboration Specialization.
This study also found an association between specialization selected by the students and their demographic characteristics.
FEU Tech is innovating technology education in the Philippines by pioneering Business Analytics as a specialization in both Computer Science and Information Technology degrees.
The Mobility Solution Specialization enables Symantec specialized partners across the Middle East to help their customers to gain granular control over their mobile deployments and have different levels of oversight on mobile devices, according to their specific policies and needs.
Networking solutions provider D-Link announced on Thursday that it is now offering an IP Surveillance Technology Specialization through its Value in Partnership channel programme.
Symantec Specializations recognize partners with proven expertise and the skills required to deliver differentiated service to customers.
We're pleased to be acknowledged by Cisco with the renewal of our Master Security Specialization," said Jerry McIntosh, vice president of advanced technology solutions for ePlus Technology.
Additional specializations, including the Brocade Virtualized Fabrics Partner Specialization and the Brocade Application Delivery Partner Specialization, will be introduced throughout the remainder of the year, each with a set of affiliated requirements.
These significant changes include merging the Community and Mental Health Counseling specialties into one specialization--Clinical Mental Health Counseling; setting 600 hours of internship as the common requirement across specializations; infusing competencies in Addictions and Emergency and Crisis Response in all programs; and establishing a new Addictions specialization.
Divide and Conquer: A Comparative History of Medical Specialization, by George Weisz.
Field specialization in production and marketing resource economics, development and trade, and consumer behavior.
Specialization among physicians has grown to more than 40 specialties and resulted in continuity of care being a serious problem for patients, particularly those 65 and older.
However, only 29% of the jobs for which technical and professional communication was the primary specialization were filled by people with degrees in the field, and an even lower percent (25%) of all jobs, whether advertised for a primary or secondary specialization, were filled by people with degrees in the field.
To facilitate school-university collaboration, three faculty from the university, one from each of the three credential specialization areas (elementary, secondary, special education), and a K-12 teacher with considerable knowledge of and experience teaching in the district, assumed the role of coordinators.