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She said most dental practices carried out a limited amount of orthodontic work themselves but the more complex cases were referred either to the hospital or the specialist practice in Jesmond.
complex orthodontic cases not considered suitable for management in specialist practice,
When I caught up with Stephen McPherson, the Aberdeen-based optometrist partner of a past Specialist Practice of the Year winner, he dismissed the idea that building a practice with a reputation for clinical excellence is down to alchemy, or indeed marketing; he pointed instead to the research that is essential to setting up any new clinic.
I am a registered nurse, midwife, mental health nurse, specialist health visitor and specialist practice teacher and probably one of the most experienced people in the NHS.
To fulfil this ambitious brief, Qatar Museums engaged Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler Architekten Ingenieure, a specialist practice that focuses on the development of sustainable building solutions using natural building materials.
Following changes to the Legal Aid system, the firm has worked to diversify and increase the number of specialist practice areas.
Foundations of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice, 2nd edition Janet Fulton, Brenda Lyon and Kelly Goudreau
In addition to its audit, accounting and tax consultancy services, SKP has gained a market-leading reputation for its forensic accounting practice, as well as its specialist practice in the outsourcing of licensing and royalty accounting and management.
The bottleneck in specialist practice is treatment capacity.
Receive continuing legal professional development to further their skills and knowledge of the profession itself as well as their specialist practice area.
His specialist practice spanned 48 years and he retired through ill-health on 15 April 2011 owing to mesothelioma, ostensibly related to asbestos exposure for 3 years while working as a district surgeon in the mid-1950s.
Specialist practice areas include homicide and fraud.
of Bristol, UK) provides a text for veterinary surgeons in general or specialist practice, residents, those taking specialist examinations, and undergraduates on basic immunology and immunopathology in the dog and cat.
National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist (NACNS) Statement on Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice and Education, 2004.
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