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Synonyms for specialisation

(biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function

the act of specializing

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the special line of work you have adopted as your career

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However, the above-mentioned departments lack the staff desired by HEC which risks the closure of these programmes at the university.The sources said that the AIOU appointed Dr Sher Muhammad as a Professor whose specialisation was in Agronomy and he was terminated from National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) some years ago due to his unlawful induction in the ministry.
Qualification: Bachelor's Specialisation: Architectural Engineering Nationality: Emirati Salary Range: Dh24,700
To start off with, everyone will have access to the same three generic specialisations, which are, decreased damage from explosives, reduced suppression and quicker health regeneration.
specialisation, a Citrix Solution Advisor must demonstrate deep, hands-on
This apparent contradiction between textbook focus and real-life success can be explained by the fact that, as markets mature, specialisation is demanded and this in turn requires domain focus.
"Basel III-inspired capital provisions and framework for new liquidity requirement, while yet to be fully implemented, are perhaps the most significant drivers of specialisation. Higher capital and tougher liquidity requirements and more stringent risk-weighting rules have forced banks to set their priorities and make hard choices about where they compete.
The marketing specialisation will prepare students for entry-level marketing positions.
"Mannai Corporation's Cisco Master Security Specialisation is an outstanding achievement."
Among other things, smart specialisation means an integrated, place-based economic transformation strategy that concentrates public resources on innovation and knowledge-based development priorities, a process that requires strong collaboration between the regional stakeholders if it is to be successful, especially between government, business and universities.
Emitac Enterprise Solutions today announced that it has achieved Symantec specialisations in the areas of Data Protection and Archiving and eDiscovery.
The Cisco Master Security Specialisation recognises that the company has fulfilled the rigorous training requirements and programme prerequisites to sell, deploy and support Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) security solutions.
The Krugman Index is a simple transformation of a measure which pre-dates it and which has a long history in regional studies, the Coefficient of Regional Specialisation. (3) Supposing again that we want to compare the industry composition of employment in two regions, A and B, the Coefficient of Regional Specialisation for A compared with B would be calculated as:
s2s has announced it has achieved the Advanced Security Specialisation from Cisco Systems, Inc, the first of its kind in the UK.
The three-day forum aimed to raise the awareness of the Omani society and the private and public sector employees about the future responsibility for the specialisation of information studies and the role of the information specialists in enriching the intelligent society and its specialisation.
Today during the Smart Regions conference, the European Commission is launching the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation.