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Synonyms for arbitrary

Synonyms for arbitrary

determined or marked by whim or caprice rather than reason

based on individual judgment or discretion

Antonyms for arbitrary

based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice

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Her gardens are designed to establish a special sort of harmony between the elements within the garden, as well as between the gardens and the indoor spaces they connect to; this method, referred to as "studied casual," creates a tranquil and organic atmosphere in which the designer's hand is not apparent.
But, this wise one went on to observe, "an editor is a very special sort of anthropologist: The culture he is dealing with is in constant flux.
Tom is a special sort of person, that rare breed of jockey with peace of mind and sensible priorities, so I was delighted to see him get to a major landmark on one of mine.
It takes a special sort of character to take positives from inevitable defeat andndash; but then any team facing a rampaging All Blacks side needs character just to step on the turf.
They are probably all wide of the mark, but it really does need a special sort of club be considered almost in crisis because they are making big bids for players while companies and councils are desperate to deals with them over a new ground.
Both of these pieces are part of the standard repertoire and have been widely recorded, but Inon Barnatan brings a special sort of grace to this material--his gentle but confident touch and rhythmic flexibility on the variations of the lovely B-flat major impromptu are especially impressive.
I understand to achieve what he has done makes him some special sort of player,' added Turner.
And that led us into a special sort of niche--determining the value of the land under a long-term lease, both for apartment and for office buildings.
Military service has always taken a special sort of person to take up arms in defense of one's ideals, freedoms, and the defenseless.
In this essay, the author notices that the priority of persons, the unbridgeable political gap between persons and mere things, corresponds to a special sort of moral and legal treatment for persons, namely, as irreplaceable individuals.
There may be no more than two broad points of agreement--that they live in and make up a special sort of place, and that their current politico-administrative arrangements are insufficient and/or unsatisfactory.
So it takes a special sort of editor and publisher to say no when the Jayson Blairs and Stephen Glasses of the world come knocking on the door, offering their eager, ambitious pirouettes at cut-rate prices.
But it takes a special sort of blindness to proceed, as the BBC's initial report did (thanks to www.
The title connotes a senior status of a special sort, as a writer, editor and a kind of resident sage on journalism," Raines said.
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