special relativity

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a physical theory of relativity based on the assumption that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant and the assumption that the laws of physics are invariant in all inertial systems

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Special Relativity is built on this edifice which has become a fundamental of modern physics.
For example, under Special Relativity Theory, a moving source is affected by time dilation while a moving image is not.
The infinite velocity of gravity as required by Newton's view conflicted with Einstein's 1905 discovery of special relativity where nothing could exceed the speed of light.
An American teenager called Ryan Chester just won $400,000 for explaining the theory of special relativity in a witty video that even includes a car crash.
Then a key clue emerged in 1908, when the mathematician Hermann Minkowski showed how special relativity required the merger of space with time (SN: 9/13/08, p.
The seminal paper introducing special relativity was published by Einstein (2005) in sufficient detail so that little change in the presentation has been made in the myriad of papers and textbooks on the subject for over one hundred years.
The theoretical path to the basis for special relativity, then, is the assertion that Maxwell's Equations describe light, and that they make no allowance for the motion of sources or observers relative to some luminiferous ether.
Finally, standard equations of Special Relativity permit to resolve t as a function of t:
As one of the first physicist to visit Einstein and respond to the theory of special relativity, their dialogues lasted until Einstein's decease.
This, albeit in a rather more general form, would become one of the founding principles of special relativity some three hundred years in the future.
presents the postulates, paradoxes, applications of, and problems with, special relativity.
Subjects of special relativity are treated in the chapter on Minkowski space, and subjects of general relativity appear in the chapters on curved spaces and include Einstein's equation, the Schwarzschild metric, the precession of Mercury, the bending of light, etc.
This theory, called special relativity, has some pretty big consequences.
The distinction lies with ignoring the effects of gravity and acceleration in special relativity.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- When an international collaboration of physicists came up with a result that punched a hole in Einstein's theory of special relativity and couldn't find any mistakes in their work, they asked the world to take a second look at their experiment.
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