special pleading

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an argument that ignores all unfavorable evidence

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(law) a pleading that alleges new facts in avoidance of the opposing allegations

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With all of these considerations in mind, our only hope, like Ireland, is for special pleading -- the kind that should have happened when Cyprus signed up for the Greek haircut but never did because no one would grant and audience to the former Central Bank Governor, Athanasios Orphanides, who foresaw what it meant for Cyprus.
Undermining your special pleading that OECTA has given a mere $1000 towards EGALE and the accomplishing of its agenda is the long and blatant record of your "Catholic" (in name only) Association.
This is not special pleading by the scientific community.
Instead of being seduced by arguments based on special pleading, let us not wilfully shut our minds to what was always so and always will be: the inevitability of change and evolutionary development
Engineers always seem very sell-effacing about pushing for special pleading for their subject, technologies and industries.
There is no place for special pleading from politicians.
Marijuana Is Safer makes a valuable and provocative contribution to the debate, but it sometimes seems like special pleading on behalf of pot and its users.
Maybe readers think mine is a case of special pleading when I write that nothing matters more in community life than a free and questioning press and that this cannot at the moment, anyway, be delivered by any means comparable with the written press.
Readers would not be impressed by special pleading from the accountancy profession in defence of the requirement for small companies to file accounts.
Unlike many other biographers of second-rank characters, Melton does not try to make too much of his subject, although he does engage in some special pleading for Slocum at Gettysburg.
Peres had been given 25 minutes to try and defend the indefensible in Gaza and Erodgan had been permitted just a couple of minutes in which to rebut the Israeli's special pleading.
This argument goes substantially beyond special pleading for tapestries to be taken seriously in the list of types of visual productions Henry VIII had at his disposal: for Campbell argues, contentiously, that the figurative media of painting and print were always secondary to tapestry in the king's order of priorities, as measured by cost, numbers, and size.
This unmasking was part of a political strategy to dismiss and isolate Marcos and the EZLN as an illegitimate coalition of indigenous groups engaging in special pleading and old-fashioned, sectarian Marxist revolutionaries.
Now what is needed is a little attention to the law-and-politics side of things--if you will excuse the special pleading.
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