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an argument that ignores all unfavorable evidence

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(law) a pleading that alleges new facts in avoidance of the opposing allegations

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Boyd's ethically contained reading of the Cook's Tale in MS Bodley 686 is one that takes account of just one type of pre-modern literary-critical sensibility and requires a degree of special pleading. Hanna and Edwards offer a richer and more provocative slice of social history and are on firmer ground when they build upon the well-documented case for ownership and readership of Ellesmere by the De Vere circle, particularly the De Vere Earls of Oxford memorialized in a flyleaf poem 'per Rotheley' near the head of the manuscript.
The glosses by 'MN' to the English version of The Mirror of Simple Souls do not make that work any less puzzling and sometimes read like special pleading. The Carthusian Richard Methley's Epistle to Hew Heremyte (given in full) is pleasant enough reading, but there is all too little from The Chastising of God's Children and The Treatise of Perfection of the Sons of God.
At the core of this dearth lurks a still widely nurtured belief that nineteenth-century writing for the English stage prior to the 1890s is unworthy of serious attention, and that those who advance the claims of even the major figures practising the playwright's craft between Victoria's accession and her Golden Jubilee must be guilty of special pleading. Nor has the recent appearance of fresh texts, most of them judiciously presented and soundly edited--notably Cambridge's own British and American Playwrights series, on which Professor Jenkins frequently draws--done as much as one might hope to erode prejudice and enhance perception (at least to judge from relatively disappointing sales-figures).
This evaluation was not on the basis of "the begging bowl" or special pleading but by applying the English distribution formula to Wales.
ENGLISH (and Welsh) wine needs no special pleading. There are some great bottles out there - and not just the prizewinning, headline-grabbing sparkling wines.
So accusations that booze offers in shops will encourage binge-drinking smacks of special pleading to protect huge boardroom salaries and tasty dividends to shareholders.
'If there are problems with the Inland Revenue rates, I suggest you take that up with the Government and the Inland Revenue and do not argue for special pleading for your own case.'
Objectively, all these excuses, all this special pleading, counts for nothing.
All of these matters, and more besides, fan suspicions that government policy is blown by the winds of special pleading and political interest, and that the complex intellectual rationales are simply a new cover for old-fashioned rent seeking.
However, one cannot escape the feeling that some of them rather deserve the oblivion into which they have fallen, and despite the special pleading, one remains ultimately unconvinced that the turgid prose of Hahn-Hahn's Grafin Faustine, for all its feminism, helps to make Realism more presentable.
In his hands, what might so easily have been a fragment of family history or an essay in special pleading becomes instead a deeply challenging intervention in current debates about the nature of colonial literary cultures.
MacQueen is then forced to what many would regard as special pleading: Chloe's second kidnapping by a male at 4.28, which merely repeats a theme used several times in the novel, takes the place of the male/female/violence aetiological story, while that of the formal rhetorical scene is supplied by the rhetorical description of the garden of Dionysophanes.
Patrick Minford, professor of of applied economics at Cardiff Business School, dismissed the call to protect regions heavily dependent on the public sector as "special pleading."
Their wine needs no special pleading. The 2005 CarmenAre (at pounds 4.99) is a wonderfully chunky red made from the grape often sold in the past as Merlot (many growers didn't know the difference between the two).
Then the party conference season sets the political agenda for the winter, while the prospect of the Chancellor's pre-Budget in November sets a deadline for economic policy-making and special pleading by those who hope to influence it.
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