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Synonyms for nurse




look after

Synonyms for nurse

to promote and sustain the development of

to hold and turn over in the mind

Synonyms for nurse

a woman who is the custodian of children

try to cure by special care of treatment, of an illness or injury

maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)

serve as a nurse

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treat carefully

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The Touch a Life Award was created to provide patients, their families, and other members of the community an opportunity to recognize the special nurses who have touched their lives.
GNF would also like to recognize Lillie Mangrum and Ashley Wanager for their generous donations to the GNF special nurse license plate initiative.
The family would like to thank mom's special nurse Megan Mahoney for her kindness and compassion.
As Spence wrote: "Electronic monitoring has no place in our type of treatment--an experienced special nurse gives more reliable information and assessment than a gadget which only interferes with procedures going an all the time to get the patient well again.
She is a special nurse and a special person, and on behalf of all people with Parkinson's disease in Wales, I would like to give her our warmest thanks and congratulations.
I could have given up my cancer fight without Julie' I HAVE a very special nurse I would like to tell you about.
By now you've probably heard, the Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) special nurse license plate has been approved for manufacture by the Georgia Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division.
Specialist nurse educator Jenny Britland from the Wakatipu District was winner of the special nurse section, nominated by GP Richard Macharg from the Queenstown Medical Centre.
Patients needing out-of-hours help should ring their GP surgery where their call will be re-directed to a special nurse helpline.
Language in HB 732 will dedicate a portion of the funds derived from the sale of a special nurse license plate to GNF.
The Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) is pleased to report that our special nurse license plate has been approved for manufacture by the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division.
A talented lady and a special nurse has not been recognised.
You'll not only be recognizing that special nurse in your life, but you'll also be supporting the nursing profession as a whole Reserving a Nurse License Plate is also a great Mother's Day gift idea
Funding from a special nurse license plate would allow funds to be used for nursing scholarships and workforce planning & development to meet future needs.
Funding for nursing scholarships and workforce planning through a special Nurse License Plate.
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