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education of physically or mentally handicapped children whose needs cannot be met in an ordinary classroom

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In a statement sent to TEA and Abbott on Sunday, the Texas School Alliance and school administrator groups dated the creation of a special education cap back to a 2004 Texas House Public Education Committee interim report, which surveyed how other states fund special education and which made recommendations to the Legislature for how to discourage identifying too many students with disabilities.
Secretary Special Education Zulfikar Shahalwani said that various projects were under way in the department.
Special education teachers leave the profession at a high rate.
It is easier to manage and track special education services at a school site and in a school district.
We begin with two articles that focus on strategies for identifying students for special education and gifted education services--Maryann Santos de Barona and Andres Barona, focusing on cultural considerations and working with school psychologists; Susan Assouline, Megan Foley Nicpon, and Dawn Huber, focusing on twice-exceptional students.
This cost effective and time efficient method of instruction promotes positive relationships and facilitates interaction between special education and general education students, while increasing self-esteem for all students (Smith, 1997).
The researcher focused on special education teachers who work directly with autistic children in the Autism School in Kuwait.
DeFiore, as former executive director of the National Catholic Educational Association, provides an insider's perspective on the special education movement within Catholic education.
The IRS ruled that the children were attending the school principally to receive medical care in the form of special education in those years they were diagnosed as having a medical condition that handicapped their ability to learn.
At the same time, the settlement of class action litigation in juvenile corrections in some states has most likely increased the number of students identified and served in special education (Leone & Meisel, 1997).
Recognizing that there is a need for highly qualified special education teachers, it is essential that we develop innovative and creative alternatives to get interested individuals prepared, licensed, and into classrooms serving students with learning disabilities.
For most of the short history of special education, the common practice was to pull children with disabilities out of regular classrooms for some or even all of the school day.
In the 2000-01 school year, more than 91,000 special education students were removed from their educational settings for disciplinary reasons.
If Clayton failed to learn the relationship between letters and sounds in kindergarten, chances are he would be assigned to special education by fourth grade, which would spell his doom in the public school system.
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