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a contract that is signed and has the (wax) seal of the signer attached

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Nineteen years ago, the NH Supreme Court made the following observation regarding lower rates granted by Public Service of NH to large customers under special contracts that had threatened to relocate out-of-state or to install self-generation:
In 1997, a special contract was introduced for producers supplying pigs for the UK market which anticipated changes in welfare regulations here.
Also, check applicable international agreements to determine if any special contract clauses are required.
It is an example that has been discussed by Premiership chairmen, and managerial recruits could now face a special contract clause.
As for salary, Radio City Productions and the Rockettes have a special contract with the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA).
David Hampson, 52, said he had a special contract which gave him 35 days off while teachers got 65.
s) services and removal of materials of anthropic material on the bottom of sea piccolo - seno i in line with the provisions contained in the special contract specifications.
Invitation to tender : According to special contract conditions
Two special contract totaling 177 million shares were concluded with the Investment Bank and Ashur International Bank at a value of 1.
Supply of electricity for the city of Rsrath, 2 lots, 2 green energy special contract delivery points with about 700 000 kWh / year and 54 green electricity tariff Abnahmestellen with about 700 000 kWh / year, delivery beginning 01/07/2016.
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