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an additional tax levied on private property for public improvements that enhance the value of the property

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We were hoping for more guidance from the court, but did not receive it, so we'll be working on a complete rewrite of the special assessment laws for the next legislative session.
16) During a time of economic difficulties, the special assessment not only increased the DIF, but also maintained consumer confidence in the banking industry.
Under the special assessment program, a property's assessed value is frozen for 15 years for purposes of local property taxes.
The typical role of the real estate appraiser in the special assessment process is to allocate or spread the costs of the project to each of the affected properties appropriately.
However, the statute does not prevent a three-year carryback of any loss resulting from deduction of the special assessment.
More information on the special assessment rates, as well as FDIC press releases and other documents, is available on the World Wide Web at www.
The City Council of the City of Tavares, Florida is seeking Request for Proposals from firms/ individuals to provide a Re-evaluation of existing Fire District Special Assessment Fees.
A special assessment has been defined as a fair and reasonably apportioned charge against specific real property of a particular district which derives a direct and special benefit from local government expenditures for construction and operation of a public function, facility, or infrastructure.
This article examines the structure and credit quality of special districts, including special assessment, tax increment, and community facilities districts.
Tenders are invited for to conduct a special assessment of working conditions.
One remedy recently adopted or proposed by municipalities across the state is a non-ad valorem special assessment for reimbursement of costs expended in abating chronic nuisances.
The developer agreed to pay the value of the outstanding taxes and assessments, but was unwilling to immediately become responsible for the annual special assessment payments, explaining that it could not make the project a success if such a significant portion of cash were tied up in paying the annual special assessments.
Courts have widely upheld BIDs and special assessment districts against constitutional challenges.
The Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission judge said that special assessment review forms created by MSHA are part of the Secretary's deliberative process privilege and are not discoverable material.
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