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someone whose authority is limited to the special undertaking they have been instructed to perform

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In 1999, Peterson was promoted to supervisory special agent assigned to the National Security Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
"Even though special agent Oliver intended to and, according to his unrebutted testimony, did in fact direct the question to defendant's wife, a person seated directly behind and in close proximity to defendant's wife, as defendant was, may have reasonably believed that special Agent Oliver was directing the question to him or to both he and his wife," Wynn added.
According to the EPS sources, the Liberia National Police Homicide Division took over the matter and they are investigating circumstances surrounding the alleged death of Special Agent Calphin.
During this time, Army force structure changes, unit mission essential task lists (METLs), and the burgeoning cyber missions of the land component changed some of what CI special agents do while deployed and in garrison.
Pride, whose nickname is King (it's a long story), and calls everyone "Brother" is joined by Christopher LaSalle, (Lucas Black), who, just to complicate things is originally from Alabama, Medical Examiner Wade (CCH Pounder) and Special Agent Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) who has history with Gibbs and may, or may not, be running from something.
To better understand DOD's security support, Hunter, Office of Special Programs and Coordination Director Kevin Wetmore and DS Africa Desk Officer Special Agent Stephen Robertson met with leaders of the U.S.
“The FBI is committed to working with SWACHA to defeat criminals who would rob the savings and investments of hard-working Americans who rely on the security of banks and credit unions,” said Carol Lee, FBI Special Agent in Charge.
Anthony Cicerone, special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, said that while assigned to the Boston Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force he investigated issues at the state RMV.
London, July 20 ( ANI ): Former 'X-Files' star Gillian Anderson has revealed that a romance could blossom between her on-screen character Special Agent, Dana Scully, and partner Special Agent, Fox Mulder.
The FBI said in a statement that a special agent, "acting on the imminent threat posed by the individual, responded with deadly force.
In 1995 then NY superintendent of insurance, Ed Muhl, took an extraordinary step: he by-passed the Liquidation Bureau and appointed an independent special agent in charge of the liquidation of an insurance company United Community Insurance Company (UCIC).
During his 25 years in federal law enforcement Caddigan served with the Transportation Security Administration, as the special agent in charge (SAIC) of the Inspections Division, then as the SAIC of the Special Investigations Unit in the Office of Inspection, at its headquarters.
Special Agent Johnnie Carter of the West Tennessee Judicial Violent Crime and Drug Task Force conducted a traffic stop near Memphis.
Though the cast has changed time and again, one face remains at the centre of the action - that of NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).
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