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a legislative act that applies only to a particular person or particular district

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The copyright of the play eventually expired, but a special Act of Parliament was passed to ensure Barrie's wish was honoured and the royalties from Peter Pan continue to be paid.
Appropriately Armistice Day, 11 November, falls on Remembrance Sunday this year, providing an opportunity for a special act of Remembrance.
The article would request that the state Legislature approve a special act allowing selectmen to act as the town light and water commissioners.
The court said in its order that the probe in such cases should be in accordance with the provisions of the special Act and noted that the same is not being followed in the cases of sexual offence against children.
However, back in Islamabad, the foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit showcased the 'doubletalk' characteristic of his country saying that only the removal of 'black laws' such as the Armed Forces' Special Act and Public Safety Act in Kashmir would prove India's seriousness to end the long pending issue.
Appropriately, Armistice Day, 11 November, falls on Remembrance Sunday this year providing an opportunity for a special act of Remembrance as the Legion celebrates its 80th year of active service on behalf of those for whom we appeal.
Hawke said seeking a special act of the Legislature
The MHA is also bringing in a Special Act for the Commonwealth Games period, under which any offence during the event will attract stiffer punishment and heavy fines.
Under the Special Act of 1995 that set up West Boylston's current form of government, most department heads answer to the town administrator, not the Board of Selectmen.
These included 16 listed and 33 unlisted public companies, 23 private companies and 14 entities established under Special Act and Ordinances.
Gaumond noted that changes that affect the department could require altering the special act that is the basis for West Boylston government.
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