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a legislative act that applies only to a particular person or particular district

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Addressing questions regarding the board's right to enter into an executive session for an employee other than one who answers to the board, Randazzo wrote: "The 1995 special act does not impact the proper subjects for discussion under the Open Meeting Law.
Giorgio said the special act exempts the city from the public bidding laws and allows Veolia to continue to hire contractors for capital improvement projects as needed.
Guarantees of the repayment of the funds will be obtained from the Home Guaranty Corporation formed by a special Act of the Philippines Congress for that purpose.
The approval of the special act may make providing information more cost-effective.
Grubbs was classified as a Logistical Management Specialist and received 10 Sustained Superior Performance awards, 4 Special Act Awards, and the prestigious Civilian Medal For Special Service.
He was instrumental in obtaining a special act of Congress allowing Uxbridge to fly the American Flag 24 hours a day on the Uxbridge Town Common, when only 5 other communities in the United States were able to do so.
1757, An Act Making a Technical Correction to the Tax Rate on Corporations, incorporates the surcharge established by a special act in 1969 into the corporate excise law, without changing the effective rate, so that a taxpayer is able to determine easily the actual excise rate from a reading of the statute.
If approved at the town meeting, the special act will move to the state level.
Joe Port Authority is a public entity established by Special Act of the Florida Legislature for the development of commerce and the port.
Vitone has previously served on the Board of Selectmen and Advisory and Planning boards, assisted in enacting the town's special act, and served on the search committee for a police chief.
The town, through a special act passed in 1970, can sell water to Charlton.
Since the labour contract had now been made legal by a special act of the legislature IPSCO confirmed that projects totalling $80 million were now proceeding.
After selectmen endorsed the plan last summer, the association petitioned the Legislature to pass a special act that would establish the district.
Although the board could be dissolved in the near-term, it can be reconstituted under conditions set forth in Special Act 88-80.
Whitney said that under the Special Act of 1986, a detailed annual budget needs to go before the Advisory Board by Feb.
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