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a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work

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The Lenovo Yoga 530 can be specced with an 8th gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD storage.
However, for a smaller outlay you can pick up a similarly specced, regular laptop or tablet and, for most people, this could prove decisive.
processor, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, and can be specced with up to 2 TB
The X-Play specced test car added air con, Bluetooth, 15-inch wheels, a leather steering wheel with phone and audio controls.
But what did surprise observers was that the older 4S model also outsold the more highly specced Samsung phone, the paper added.
Several to be exact, and here we list some of the ways you can make your charge go for longerC* Change the screen brightness Most smartphones come replete with powerful, high specced screens which, whilst making for an immersive, wow-inducing experience when watching video content or gaming, will drain your charge in a flash.
With the S you get leather, Bluetooth, air-con and heated front seats, which for pounds 14k (before VAT, which you can claim back) makes it one of the cheapest and best specced pick-ups.
During my week with the KX2 specced Sorento - one down from the flagship KX3 - it felt really upmarket.
But the best seller will be the impressively specced Insight ES which has auto lights and wipers, cruise control, front fogs, heated front seats, privacy glass and 16-inch alloys.
But today, ammunition manufacturers employ advanced propellants that allow much faster ignition at much lower pressures than previously, so that bullets get up to their specced velocities in less length of bore with less pressure and more consistent propellant burn than was formerly the case.
The company claims they are up to pounds 4,000 cheaper than similarly specced rivals and says they offer company car drivers paying 40 per cent tax a significant pounds 700 Benefit in Kind tax saving over three years compared with the standard VTR model equipped with the same extras.
On the inside, the device can be specced with up to 8GB of
Fitted with 19-inch alloys, as in the n-tec specced test car, the X-Trail starts to feel unsettled when the roads get rougher, jolting through the biggest ruts and potholes.