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a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work

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But many builders can't afford to banish spec from their vocabulary.
unless a standard exists, and it seldom will, you, of necessity, must draw a common boundary in order to compare product specs.
The mass spec market encompasses a range of technologies, including hyphenated techniques, as well as the associated aftermarket and service segments.
"Alt Spec's conceptual design and user-friendly format will raise the bar within the design resource community," explained Alt Spec co-founder Kyle Bergman.
BUSINESS: Custom Print Plastics SVCS: Personal, Cards, Prems CHARGE: Per M, Cost of Product SPEC: Bus, DM Agencies INF0: Broc, Cat, Smpl
BUSINESS: Envlp Mfgr, Spec Envlp/Pkg Mfgr SVCS/PRODS: Envlp: Poly, Air-Bubble Pkg, Shipping Materials FACILS/STATES: 1-GA SPEC: B-to-B, Cat INFO: Broc, Smpl
The state's largest liquor chain -- Spec's Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods -- is suing the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission for "abusive regulatory overreach" over an enforcement action that dragged on for almost two years before falling apart in administrative proceedings last year, court documents show.
The successful bidder of Cholistan block was SPEC who offered 270 WU, following by OGDCL who offered 105 WU.
(https://www.sammobile.com/news/leaked-galaxy-s9-active-specs-hint-at-4000mah-battery/) Sammobile pointed out that the model number listed in the spec sheet is actually in line with the Galaxy S Active series.
"A few years ago, it was too risky for builders to build spec houses, but right now, builders are extremely bullish on the housing market," says Tim Costello, founder and chief executive of Builder Homesite Inc., the parent company of Builders Digital Experience and NewHomeSource.com, a builder-marketing business based in Austin.
The SPEC Alpha is another cabinet from Corsair that costs a little higher than the SPEC-04 and looks brilliant since it's built with the Bulldog design from scratch.
Ultimately, the philosophy behind Spec's is to have a retail presence in areas that make sense, to be the best wine and spirits retailer it can be and to continuously strive for improvement in every aspect of its business.
All three SPEC cases have been designed with PC gamers in mind, stripping out the unnecessary and leaving a lean and mean looking chassis that delivers great cooling and makes PC building quick and easy.
SPECwpc V1.0 was developed by the SPEC workstation performance characterization (SPECwpc) project group, comprising leading vendors such as AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Lenovo, NEC and NVIDIA.
Army National Guard Spec. Stephen Murphy graduated from Quabbin Regional Middle-High School in Barre;