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the head and sharpened point of a spear

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Mr Spearpoint, who is a ski fanatic, added: "We had fantastic weather for the whole week with bright blue skies, and the snow was perfect.
As an avid flintknapper, or maker of stone tools, Tostevin consulted his own and others' studies on how people today pound and chip rocks into spearpoints and other objects.
Harrison and Spearpoint (2010) have also observed this phenomenon in the study of adhered spill plume.
It was in this regard that the Compound Mine Manager at Mufulira, Francis Spearpoint, introduced the system of Tribal Elders at Roan Antelope mine compound in 1931.
Other researchers demonstrated nurses can fail to recognize the need for the RRT or delay activation of the RRT (Calzavacca et al., 2010; Jones et al, 2006; Nurmi, Harjola, & Castren, 2005; Quach et al., 2008; Spearpoint, 2008).
What resulted from Salmon's proposal was the Program for the Prevention of Delinquency, which "launched the child guidance movement, greatly stimulated the school social work or visiting teacher movement as well as the development of child psychiatry and psychiatric social work and became the spearpoint for mental hygiene penetration of the school" (Cohen 1983, 128).
Trillium is Lane County's Coordinated Care Organization; CCOs are the spearpoint of Oregon's health care reform.
UK wealth manager Brooks Macdonald Group Plc (LON:BRK) said it had agreed to buy Spearpoint Limited, a Jersey- and Guernsey-based discretionary fund management provider.
Peterson was the spearpoint leading a balanced Minnesota offense, with quarterback Christian Ponder efficiently managing the passing attack.
Sam Martin, 25, and Clint Spearpoint, 34, are alleged to have both assaulted the graphic designer.
"We are advising companies that it's safe to be here but embassies take a different view and have to protect their interests," said Alan Smith, owner of UK-based Spearpoint Risk Management.
However, the figure could be changing based on developments of the current situation, said Spearpoint Risk Management.
In the distant future, an undercover agent works in a morgue in the last human city of Spearpoint. The next body he comes across is an angel--who's not yet dead.
He compared spearpoint designs to the appearance-and disappearance-of tail fins on classic automobiles.
The two-week dig at Kent's Cavern in Torquay, Devon, also unearthed the UK's first complete 15,000-year-old "sagaie" - a spearpoint made of reindeer antler dating to the late Ice Age.