spearmint oil

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an aromatic oil obtained from the spearmint plant

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The silly: Try to imagine the peril from which we are protected because the government maintains a spearmint oil reserve.
Infused with vitamin C and natural spearmint oil to calm and soothe the skin, the item is recommended for Brazilian bikini waxing, and has been formulated for medium to coarse hair and sensitive skin.
Offering fresh, leafy green flavours and imparting distinct Mojito-like topnotes, Spearmint Treattarome 9764 provides flavourists and manufacturers with a sweeter alternative to conventional spearmint oil.
Just rub it on, shower off, and feel revitalized by the sea fennel extract and spearmint oil.
Washington ranks among the top 10 states for 36 separate commodities and leads the nation in production of hops, spearmint oil, lentils, dry edible peas, wrinkled seed peas, apples, Concord grapes, pears, sweet cherries, carrots for processing, sweet corn for processing, and red raspberries.
Not as creamy or absorbent and no SPF, but its toning spearmint oil and softening shea butter make it well worth a slap.