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any of several large vigorous pelagic fishes resembling sailfishes but with first dorsal fin much reduced

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They are among the least wary of reef fishes, easily approached by spearfishers and readily caught in traps or by hook and line gear.
Each night during the walleye harvest, Ojibwe spearfishers and their families walked a gauntlet of racial slurs and taunts to the boat landings.
Spearfishers are covered by the same bag limits as anglers.
I talked to one man who was probably throwing rocks at me several years back in a protest against Chippewa spearfishers who were exercising their treaty-protected rights to spearfish.
In 1979 the government deemed the waters surrounding the boomerang-shaped island a marine park and clamped down on industrial polluters, spearfishers and coral collectors.
Some people have gouged their initials into coral; others have removed living animals for home aquariums, and spearfishers have depleted the stock of large reef fish.
The racial taunts were accompanied by rock-throwing, shotgun blasts and games of "chicken" in which whites aimed speedboats at Indian spearfishers in canoes.
2005), which may increase their vulnerability to fishing pressure by hook and line and spearfishers.
In 1988 opponents went so far as to join spearfishers on the water, "creating hazardous wakes, dragging anchors through spawning beds and getting as close as possible to the spearers, shouting obscenities and racial epithets.
DIVING Hog snapper, one of the favorite targets of Keys spearfishers, is still closed in federal waters, until at least Jan.
By 1989, the state had spent more than a million dollars a year to protect the spearfishers from the protesters.