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the head and sharpened point of a spear

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The Lil' Sub-Hilt's sleek spear-point blade is 3.2" in length and made of CPM S30V stainless steel and nicks handsomely into place via a Michael Walker style line-lock mechanism.
The basic spear-point blade isn't sexy, but it provides yeoman's service on daily chores.
In the case of smaller game, however, the use of stone or glass spear-points was obviously an advantage in terms of both time and energy.
The Teardrop features a 2-1/2-inch single spear-point blade.
The 4V/ spear-point blade has no cutting edge, and features four holes to lighten the blade to mimic the weight of a blade that is sharpened.
Also in Harley-Davidson offerings, the 13900 Ti-Fender features a titanium Monolock and stainless steel spear-point blade with dual thumb studs.
In several passages by Doring, there are explications of a sequence of lettered photographs which relate specific actions (association between some Gwion images and the praying mantis, hafting a stone spear-point, painting a Gwion figure, the use of ochre and the inner bark of the mamandu tree to make paint, similarity between some of the old figures and some elements of modern ceremony).
In addition to the tools already mentioned, the Sport Mechanic contains a standard spear-point 3 1/4-inch knife blade, a fish scaler that doubles as a ruler with both inches and metric marks on the edges and a fish hook disgorger on the end, and a fully-serrated saw blade that doubles as a file on one side, with a large slotted screwdriver on the end.
Bear & Son Cutlery's new Cowhand Lockback features cowboy-appropriate, "blue jean blue" G10 scales and a large oval hole atop its high-carbon, stainless spear-point blade for 1-hand opening.
The 3" titanium coated stainless steel spear-point, combo edge blade is mated to a machined and textured G-10 handle, making a tidy but "grabby" folder.
Its saw-teeth are so well-designed that even thick limbs can be sawn, and its spear-point blade can be used for hacking or prying.
The 4-1/4-inch spear-point blade has no cutting edge, and features four holes to lighten the blade to mimic the weight of a blade that is sharpened.
The BOA-B features 9.75" of thick spear-point blade, just as comfortable taking down doors as it is penetrating anything crossing its path.
It has a 3-inch sculpted spear-point blade and a 3-inch blade that combines a tapered aggressive crosscut saw on one edge and Buck's patented gutting-skinning hook on the other.
There are four folders in KoA's Friction-lock series, all with either drop-point or spear-point blades.