spear carrier

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a minor actor in crowd scenes

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Well, at least I'm not a spear carrier," she laughed.
He thought at first he was auditioning to be a humble spear carrier on the Stratford stage, but quickly learned he was in line for one of the leading role in the RSC's 50th birthday season.
And he has donated money to the Port Talbot YMCA where he had his first acting job as a spear carrier and to the Friends of Margam Park, having celebrated his 70th birthday at the Orangery there last New Year's Eve.
However, it was all Shakespeare and although I graduated from spear carrier to Falstaff I never took it any further.
Holm's first professional appearance was as a spear carrier in a 1956 production of Othello.
A cast that would go on to boast a Sir (Ian McKellen) and a Dame (Judi Dench) - along with a little-known spear carrier called Ruby Wax - was not quite so glittering back then.
He began as a humble spear carrier in Othello earning pounds 6 a week.
The fact is that I had very few expectations anyway, I saw going to drama school as a way of continuing something I enjoyed, but I had no ambitions beyond doing some rep and being a spear carrier.
He doesn't quite know what to make of the spear carrier, but soon adopts the idea of coaching her as she pursues her dream.
Port Talbot-born Hopkins, who recently re-visited his home town YMCA where he first took to the stage as a spear carrier, has taken Shakespeare to the big screen before.
I was working in Nova Scotia and it was a case of going from playing lead roles to being the spear carrier again.
In the great theatrical traditions of the RSC, I've gone from a spear carrier in Antony And Cleopatra to the lead in Henry VI," he grins.