speaking tube

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a tube for conveying the sound of a voice from one room to another

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Though the vocoder was meant to obscure our secrets, ironically, it just may be the decoder ring with a plastic speaking tube to reveal them all.
The second-hand wicker chair, found at a pawnshop near Starfleet Academy and bought as part of a job lot, retrofitted with a garden hose as a shipwide speaking tube, was evidence of just how hard the United Federation of Planets was being hit by the credit crunch that had been precipitated by rash Ferengi investments in mortgage futures on Omicron Theti III.
A little way along the rectory wall was a notice-board, and in the middle of the board was a speaking tube.
Old machinery stands beside new, and on the upper floors there is still a speaking tube used to warn the workers on the loading dock that kegs would be rolling their way.
As he began to recover movement between his fifth and his tenth month in the hospital, a relative visited and heard him croak through a speaking tube his satisfaction and gratitude at simply being alive.