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a tube for conveying the sound of a voice from one room to another

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For many years, speaking tubes were used alongside telephones - they were relatively low-tech, using a rubber or metal tube.
The hairs on his arms rose up as Alejandro crept toward the speaking tube. He could hear faintly over the bell, screaming.
The doctor worked until his final days, and installed a speaking tube at his front door so he could be contacted at any time, day or night.
Though the vocoder was meant to obscure our secrets, ironically, it just may be the decoder ring with a plastic speaking tube to reveal them all.
The second-hand wicker chair, found at a pawnshop near Starfleet Academy and bought as part of a job lot, retrofitted with a garden hose as a shipwide speaking tube, was evidence of just how hard the United Federation of Planets was being hit by the credit crunch that had been precipitated by rash Ferengi investments in mortgage futures on Omicron Theti III.
Consisting of numerous drains, chambers, passages and slabs of stones, this ceremonial site is home to the "Secret Bed," from where an average-sized person can watch the goings-on throughout the Oracle while remaining hidden from view as well as the "Sacrificial Table," still bearing the ancient carving of a running deer, and the "Speaking Tube," which stretches five feet into the stone underneath the Sacrificial Table and is of special interest to young visitors.