speaking trumpet

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a trumpet-shaped acoustic device to intensify and direct the human voice

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Fagin looked so very much in earnest, that Charley Bates, who deemed it prudent in all cases to be on the safe side, and who conceived it by no means improbable that it might be his turn to be throttled second, dropped upon his knees, and raised a loud, well-sustained, and continuous roar--something between a mad bull and a speaking trumpet.
She took a speaking trumpet and through it she shouted, sharp and quick, a single "Ha!" The echo answered:
Known as the "Mad Doctor" he was rumoured to have shouted his instructions for the horse through a speaking trumpet, from a position in Cherhill village, one-and-a-half miles away.
He showed association members the art of creating a reed pipe by hand, from bare sheet metal to a finished, speaking trumpet stop.
These include single-reed signal "trumpets" (such as bicycle or taxi horns), and megaphones or "speaking trumpets." Also included in the Utley Collection, and given its own brief chapter here, is a pair of timpani from around 1700.