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Synonyms for speaking

the utterance of intelligible speech

capable of or involving speech or speaking

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lt;We didn't know what language they were speaking.
The learner's pre-test and post-test results indicated little linguistic gain in vocabulary and speaking from his 16-day experience.
And, just in case a prophet should be filled with delusions of grandeur and start speaking on his own, God has a warning: "But any prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, or who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded the prophet to speak--that prophet shall die.
If you click on the far right icon (Speak On Enter), you'll see it: Each click on it toggles the speaking function on or off.
Denominationally speaking, resentment against one "privileged" or dominant religion in Canada emerged almost like a "built-in" genetic trait as illustrated by the Clergy Reserves Controversy.
When the United States government in 1917 decided to send its young men into the slaughterhouse of the First World War, one of the few voices in Washington speaking out against this was a Senator from Wisconsin.
Users can dictate into a Naturally Speaking window, or into any of the major word processors (for example, Microsoft Word).
Improved foreign language teaching and learning will result in better communication, greater job opportunities and improved trade among the English, Spanish and French speaking Caribbean countries.
In relation to the value of context and intent, Derrida states that "one of [the] essential elements [is] the conscious presence of the intention of the speaking subject for the totality of his locutory acts.
How important are public speaking classes for authors?
First is the ability to form habits through repetition, without which we could not come to automatically associate words with meanings, nor learn complicated physical activities like speaking or playing a musical instrument.
According to recent surveys, many people in America rank speaking in public as one of the greatest fears of their lives.
Although it is in the tension between the subtitles and the speaking images that literal translation most evidently happens in this movie, by extension, and in a more complex way, the entire film translates the written gospel "literally.