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Last week at the home and Garden show in the RDS he launched his amazing Empowerator - a plug-in speaker unit that helps with everyday behavioural problems including weight issues, smoking and stress.
Yes, inside this handy case is a player which is available with either a single or stereo speaker unit.
The HT-S350 gets a 6.30-inch speaker unit, accompanied by a wireless subwoofer with a total output of 320W, designed to deliver deeper bass.
The egg-shaped speaker unit hovers over the 'Levitation Station' which also doubles as a subwoofer.
Make sure to keep only unto chord and not reach the diaphragm (speaker unit).
The vendor added that, compared with previous models, the bass reflex subwoofer provides around 1.5 times the volume, with the speaker unit having been increased 20 centimetres.
All these features are packed into a single compact, manageable speaker unit, maximising space savings.
-- Audio: Supports stereo speaker unit, built-in microphone
Is had to be on my guard reviewing this unique-looking wireless speaker unit as the cats kept mistaking it for a scratching post.
If greater volume is required, the i-Sound L3 speaker unit is available as an accessory.
Service users will be given trigger cards to carry, which will activate the speaker unit to give out a message.
Battery-powered player available with either a single or stereo speaker unit.
Matsushita, known for its Panasonic and National brands, also said it has developed an ultra-thin speaker unit called Sound Slim that will hit the market by the end of this year.
The device can also be seen featuring a full-range speaker unit on the back, along with a dedicated mute button.