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5 times the volume, with the speaker unit having been increased 20 centimetres.
All these features are packed into a single compact, manageable speaker unit, maximising space savings.
Audio: Supports stereo speaker unit, built-in microphone
Is had to be on my guard reviewing this unique-looking wireless speaker unit as the cats kept mistaking it for a scratching post.
If greater volume is required, the i-Sound L3 speaker unit is available as an accessory.
Service users will be given trigger cards to carry, which will activate the speaker unit to give out a message.
Battery-powered player available with either a single or stereo speaker unit.
Matsushita, known for its Panasonic and National brands, also said it has developed an ultra-thin speaker unit called Sound Slim that will hit the market by the end of this year.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Loud Speaker Unit Horn Combination 25Xt.
THX holds a 2008 patent for a speaker unit that can boost sound output and attach to computers or flat-screen televisions, according to a complaint filed on Friday in federal court in California.
This sound field is similar to what would be heard in a spacious theater, even though the speaker unit is placed near the listener.
A CD wallet that will store 12 discs and play them too, yes inside this smart case is a player which is available with either a single or stereo speaker unit.
erri Craig Model: Debbie@The Model Team Pictures: George Hunter Styling Assistant: Karen OliverSpeak Easi pounds 20 This speaker unit fits all mobile handsets and standard phones, which means you can hands-free chat anywhere.
Soon to be premiered in the UK at London's Excel Centre, this virtual speaker unit uses a series of cameras at one end of a high-speed data link and a reverse set-up of projectors at the other.