speaker identification

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identification of a person from the sound of their voice

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This system uses a novel speaker identification (SID) engine and a global information sharing mechanism (GISM) to identify unknown speakers who are captured in lawfully intercepted calls, recorded crime or terror arenas, social media, and any other type of speech source."
When such DCT is applied to speech signal's log energies, all the features will be affected by the noise and hence will make it unsuitable for speaker identification. To alleviate this problem, block based transformation is performed.
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The accuracy enhancement could be used to reduce the time of speaker identification to half by using half sized codebooks of (MFCC-LPC)feature vectors with same or higher accuracy as compared to codebooks of simple MFCC feature vectors.
For the SW design, it was necessary to perform a previous exploration of the necessary parameters in speaker identification, with emphasis in forensic acoustics.
Canonical correlation is used for multimodal speaker identification [5].
Automatic speaker recognition can be grouped into the following two classes: speaker verification and speaker identification. Speaker verification is the process to confirm the claim of identity and declare the person to be true or imposter.
Arakaki examines the marks of evidence that control the source of speaker identification, then analyzes Luchuan grammar the direct evidence of verb morphology, the inferential and assumed evidence, the reportive evidence as a contribution to the study of evidentiality in Luchuan, and the typological and theoretical study of evidentiality as a grammatical category.
The importance of speaker identification has grown for the simple reason that "it's not the amount or nature of crime that has changed, it's just the sheer amount of recorded material that is now available".
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